Monday, December 12, 2016

Reader Contributions | NFL Week 14 observations


  1. Well maybe these people can change the script when they noticed they have been exposed. Cuz it looks like the Colts don't have a chance.

    1. it would be hard to prove but that would be the ultimate victory
      the elites can't have a Seattle blogger exposing their plans....they also have s many lines in the water, they can zag if we make zig so to speak

    2. The only possible reason as to why you think the Colts have no chance is you think professional sports are real. LOL.

      There's been plenty of teams who have made it into the playoffs with a losing record or a .500 record. The most notable was the 2006 Giants who got in as a 6th seed at 8-8 and went on to win the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Anything is possible!