Sunday, January 1, 2017

33 47 102 | Mariah Carey drops the ball singing "Emotions", New Year's Eve, December 31, 2016

United States of America = 84/102
MC = 33 (Jewish Gematria)

Notice CNN made their audio clip 47-seconds long.  The song she was supposed to sing was 'Emotions'.  Emotions = 38/47/110

This incident came 86-days before Mariah's 47th birthday.

Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86; Republic = 86


  1. This woman is so frickin annoying. Almost as annoying as the Kardashians. Like honestly the only reason people care about her is because of mainstream attention.

    1. You're right she's annoying now but she used to have some good music and seem pretty cool. That's why older people (the ones who grew up with her music) like her anyway. I'd put her up there with Sade (back in the day). But even that I think is all part of the design. A lot of times The industry promotes the purity of the artist first and then turns them into Kardashian types on purpose because they know that alot of people love that. The industry knows how to market people to all ages and of all ages. Sometimes they do it in reverse. The artist starts off arrogant and punkish, and then starts singing soulful. And the masses just see it as natural evolution in the artist. In my opinion, the mainstream at that level, nothing is natural.

    2. How old are you Ben? The young Mariah Carey reminds of the days when music on the radio was decent, and the industry employed hot women that could actually sing. I know recently she has become one of these TV divas... and now as I read mad1dog's comment, it looks like he already said all I have to say.

    3. I loved her music, Mariah noo!

    4. Zach I think I might just be your youngest subscriber. I am 16 years old. I remember you said in a recent video that you weren't sure if there were any children in your audience. I might be the closest there is.

    5. She was one of the best back in the day.

    6. Good for you Ben, you're the same age as Lionstrong. You two are the future!

    7. C Rican true. Her first 4-5 albums was all about the music, message and memorizing talent....that was then

    8. I really believe these artists are under mind control and are used by the elite for their agenda, in this case to cause distraction. At one time Mariah Carey's music was so uplifting and beautiful. It's sad what she has become, a tool for the Powers That Be.

    9. Mariah started having problems with her career when she married/divorced that "Devil"(MJ called him that) Former Sony Exec. Tommy Mottola. I think that was done to her intentionally. None of the other performers had technical problems (Fergie, or G.Estefan.) Sony has a huge presence in NYC, the Sony Plaza/Tower is located at 550 Madison Avenue.

      "Satan Worship" in English Reduction equals 55
      "Sony" in the English Ordinal system equals 73 (Or 37)
      The building is "37" stories
      #37 is 2017.
      "Sony Plaza" in English Reduction system equals 39
      The duodecimal value of "39" is "47" (Mariah's age)

  2. Her career should be over very soon.

  3. She calls her fan's "Lamb's".They set her up to fall..2017 is it.

  4. Don't forget, first it was a

    Lesson in Love=1119, 161

    Followed by an

    Emotions Difficulties=233
    Emotions Breakdown=203

    1. Or "Emotional Problems"
      "Emotional Problems" using S-exception = 87
      The divisors of 87 sum to 120 (Or 102)-(1+3+29+87=120)
      "Mariah Carey" in English Ordinal equals 102

  5. Just what jlo needed a career boost with Drake and the other women (Mariah Carey) that battled with her throughout the years to have her rep sabotaged..They're all puppets For the sheep to give their last dollar to.Mariah Carey wasent pulling in the money so they pulled the plug on her..

  6. I love that 2016 went out with a blah. What better way for such a shitty, drama filled, nightmare of a year to end, but with some half hearted lipsynching and walking off stage early?

    The fat lady couldn't even be bothered to fake it, she just walked off with a middle finger to the world. Shit happens! Loved it!

    (And by fat I mean rich, full, sated, not her weight)

    1. Ha ha -- it really did go out with a BLAH! Lol

      Watching Carson Daly in Chicago (?) -- I was stunned by the crowd when the Ball Dropped.

      They mostly just stood there with blank expressions --
      It was a HUGE difference from 20+ years ago when people were jumping around & laughing like maniacs.

      I immediately wondered if they'd sprayed the crowd with aerosol Prozac -- that's how bland they were.
      It was VERY weird.

      Maybe they were just relieved to have 2016 over -- & scared shitless about 2017 when it dawned on them that it was actually here? Still seems odd that so many would be acting that way.

      I'm gonna pass on that "Went out with a BLAH" comment --
      I love that! Lol lol

    2. And "Fat Lady" is actually kind of right.

      Looking at the pics I could hardly believe that was really her!
      Love her voice -- but she did chunk up quite a bit.
      When she did, I realized that she was just just getting older & having kids -- no big deal.

      Seeing this slim version was surprising -- the girl had some mighty hips on her not that long ago ... & I didn't think lipo could change a person THAT much.

      Where for art thou, Mariah? Was that really you? Lol

  7. 86 days, 2 months 27 days (227). Right after 'UFC Two Hundred Seven' = 227, where Rousey was 86'd in 'Forty Eight Seconds' = 86. Rousey debuted in MMA on August 6th, 8/6, and made her pro debut March 27th, the 86th day. 'Eighty Six' = 63 (2016).

    1. I checked her page ... they have 2 years of birth for Mariah Carey :) . She's either born 1969 or 1970. :) ha. My guess is she's really 47 and will turn 48 soon. 'Forty Eight' = 61 / 133. 86 days before turning 48, right after Rousey, who debuted in Pro MMA on Mariah Carey's birthday, loses in 48 seconds.

  8. NYC time square PARIAH CAREY no Sound with 15 min remaining till the ball Drops

    At 12 midnight 666

  9. mariah carey = 102

    "no 12 drops the ball"...

  10. No 12 dropping the ball while letting out emotions.

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  12. No 12 ends season with a blah.

  13. Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men sang "One Sweet Day" at Princess Diana's funeral. Not sure how it fits in but something to note for future reference.

  14. Funny. Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin kept talking about "emotion" on CNN. Emotion shares gematria with drops, Rockefeller, nine one one, and several other good ones.

    New year's EVE in times SQUARE is a mass sex ritual.

    Toshiba=260/444/74. Haha
    Code of god=74
    The key=74