Friday, January 13, 2017

47 115 | Congressman John Lewis says Donald Trump is not a 'legitimate' President, January 13, 2017

This news comes to start the 115th Congress.  Freemasons = 115


  1. Hey Zach, did you see the celtics hawks game tonight? the hawks were wearing throwback jerseys that have identical colors to the seahawks. even the jersey design was almost the same as what the seahawks wear. kind of strange since the ATLANTA falcons play the seaHAWKS tomorrow. the ending score was 103-101 in the celtics favor. I need to do a little more research but i think there is some hidden gems in this game that could foreshadow something for tomorrows game.

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    2. I saw that too and I thought it was odd.
      The ending score sums to "204" (103+101=204).

      "Seahawks" in the English Reduction system equals 24(or 204)
      "Falcons" in the English Sumerian system equals 42

    3. Correction:
      "Falcons" in the English Sumerian system equals 420

    4. Symbolizing a Seahawks loss today. Kind of like a mockery what the Hawks did.

    5. Remember, the Knicks just beat the Bucks, before the Packers beat the Giants. So we can't get a clear read off one team winning in one sport, and projecting it to another. Think Darius. You just had an example from a week ago, don't discount it.

  2. Just remembered 2 years ago the catch by dez Bryant in the game vs packers evoked a lot of controversy. It may come as a reminder today

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    1. US Representative John Lewis lost his wife (Lillian Lewis) of 44 years in "2012".

      "Lillian Lewis" in the English Sumerian system equals 822
      "Death " in the English Sumerian system equals 228
      "Two Thousand And Twelve" in the English Reduction equals 77
      The Octal Value of "77" is "115"

      "Representative John Lewis" in English Reduction equals 112
      "One Hundred And Twelve" in English Reduction equals 88
      "Trump" in the English Ordinal system equals 88
      The Duodecimal Value of "88" is "74" (Or 47)

      "US Representative John Lewis" in English Reduction=116
      The Hexadecimal Value of "116" is "74" (Or 47)

      He's been serving the 5th District Of Georgia since "1987".

      "Nineteen Eighty Seven" in English Reduction equals 99
      The divisors of "99" sum to "156" (1+3+9+11+33+99=156)
      The 156th prime is "911"