Friday, January 13, 2017

As I said before, Mandela Effect is another psy-op (Mr. Robot reveals this to be true...)

Operation Berenstein, eh?  Mandel Effect, Berenstein Bears...

See prior post decoding the Mandela Effect, and how it was "created by the numbers".


  1. Let's start showing them another layer of Gematria.

    Not just the skin of this game Zachary.

    1. What did I mis? . You folks better not be holding back anything from me lol

  2. The ME is amazing to me. Even if its a psyop. Till this day i don't understand how things appear very different to me now. Not as i remembered. I cannot wrap my head around why the map of world looks COMPLETELY wrong to me. It just gets weirder when my personal old maps ALL look different now. I don't understand how this is happening

    1. It's our collective consciousness changing reality. Don't believe this bullshit about the masons doing it, how the fuck would they do it? This game is all about them making us thing they're more powerful than they are, gematria as great as it is does that sometimes too

    2. I have no idea how the hell this is happening. It's beyond explanation. I mean the logos, spellings, films was cute and wierd, but when the Bible, human anatomy, and geography changed... Shit got real to me lol

    3. And that is why they are trying to control the collective conscious.

  3. It's a gas lamping/lighting technique used to shake our confidence/make you think YOU are the one who is crazy.

    Example: "See, everyone else knows it's always been Berenstain, duh it is YOU who has the faulty memory"...etc

    The media encourages the masses to dismiss every single belief that deviates from the norm as crazy conspiracy theories spun by mentally ill loners with guns who should be reported at once to the authorities before they perv on your children or shoot up a VFW on Bingo night.

  4. Also, think NLP and the way they use language/assoCIAtions to plant seeds and lead your thoughts in the direction they want them to go.

    As the masses think, so the currents flow and when the masses are panicking aND worried about their safety then the flow becomes a riptide and you know how hard it is to get out of one of those. It's hard to swim against the current. That's why recognizing that you have been lied to is one of the best things a person can do for not only themselves but everyone they love.

    Mobs rule. Like the Mob/Mafia. People find safety in numbers. It's the one million Elvis fans can't be wrong effect. Like dogs are pack animals. Security and safety in NUMBERS.

    Think about more about WHY we are being told these about particular things right now.

    Bear in
    Russian Bear
    Strains, contagions, virus, a computer virus can mess with your data.

  5. ...Not a mandela efect ecaxtly...

    BUT... Ask anybody over the age of 30 to draw a DOLLAR sign...

    Or describe one without looking.

    They will ALL say it is an...
    " S " with ( two ) lines thru it.

    Ninetynine percent of $$$
    You come acrose now have only
    ( ONE ) line thru the " S "

    1. That's a great example.

      Plus, $ = IS from another angle.
      The $ sign with two lines through could be ISIS.

      They like to repeat the same things/ideas over and over again in different ways.
      Pete and Repete
      Egyptians did that too with hieroglyphics.

      Modern day Hieroglyphics = GIFs/television
      Images that move

      There are lots of ways to communicate besides talking. The army knows that. Phonetic alphabet, codes, flags, mirror signaling, hand signs, color codes, etc...

      People say the "illuminati" are passing code in front of us, Yes, they are! It's a language, The Green Language, Language of the Birds, and numbers are a big part of it but not the only part we have to learn it to join the conversation.

    2. Absolutely.
      The isis idea came to me as well.
      Some say the dollar sign with its ( two lines ) evolved from
      An " S " with a narrow " U " drawn thru it ...
      Like.. "US" ... United states


  6. "Dollar sign" = 666

    Same as...

    "BerenstEin" = 666


    "Triple sixes" = 156

    "Six six six" = 156

    1. Tripple sixes ( 156 )


      "One five six" 128

      " The mandela effect " =128

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  8. "Mandela effect" = 95

    95 minutes is ( 1:35 )

    ___( M. E. )____________

  9. "Mandela Effect" = 95

    95th day of the year is ( 4/5 )
    The initials often used...M.E...

    ...( M. E. )...
    ___( 4. 5. )____

  10. this is a dangerous subject. this is where i draw the line.
    in this reality we live in now, its berenstain, it always has been berenstain and it has never been berenstein.
    in the world i grew up in, it was berenstein.
    i am inflexible on this point.
    i will literally fight someone over berenstein vs. berenstain...
    i would have to be tortured to say its spelled berenstain.

    1. It is very dangerous. I learned the hard way. The ME pushed me over the edge because i kept it bottled up. The world map blew my head off! i finally said fuk it and asked a couple friends about the map. I asked them to picture a certain area then we looked at the map. One friend was speechless and the other didn't notice anything. It had changed for one of them. The other friend not effected then proceeded to tell my wife about it, he thought it was wife didn't. She looked at me like i was insane for a full day LOL. Dangerous shit