Friday, January 13, 2017

44 84 129 | September 12, 2016, Pope Francis receives Steelers football (97th season of the NFL)

If the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl, remember this story.  This is the 97th season of the NFL.

97 is the 25th prime; Pope = 25

This happened September 12, 2016, on Andrew Luck's 27th birthday.

12/9 (America = 129, Jewish Gematria)

Recall, the Steelers are in their 84th season.

Pop Francis is the first Jesuit Pope.

Jesuit = 84; United States of America = 84

Pope Francis was born December 17, 1936.

12/17/1936 = 12+17+19+36 = 84

The divisors of the number '44' sum to '84'.  Recall, we saw Villanova, the Pennsylvania Jesuit University, win the college basketball championship in connection with the Pope leaving Philadelphia, September 27, 2015.  Villanova won the championship April 4, or 4/4, 2016, 191-days after the Pope left the U.S.  Society of Jesus = 191 (Official name of Jesuits)

*Holy Father = 55/118



    1. What I want to know Mike is who are they playing against. Or do you only have half the story?


    3. Let's not forget mike (Gary) picked indy to and deleted the comment,and you steal from g club you fraud

    4. He has Cowboys its XXX all over again remember Steelers lost with a 17 rematch time..By the way, the movie comes out on 1/20 thats Trumps big day connections are happening...

    5. seems to good to be true.
      steelers vs cowboys 4th super bowl matchup?
      lady gaga met prince charles on 12/6
      pope given ball on 9/12
      big ben bell=112
      romo & queen birth, prince death on 4/21
      we were off by a year?

    6. Seems everyone is off by a year.. We had a jubilee and that messed everything up.

      A special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity.

      Notice the 25?

  2. CBS is already confirming that the Falcons will be in the nfc championship. Wtf.

  3. Their seems to be a case for 8 teams to make SB.... kinda making this a moot the best bet is what teams are best for ratings ,..eliminating the texans, chiefs, ans falcons

  4. Falcons coach born on 9/11

    19-13=31. 13/31 code


    Falcons 51 years in the league

  5. Further evidence of its solar influence, the Falcon was symbolic of the rising sun in Egypt. It is also the king of all birds where many gods were shown with the head or body of the Falcon (including Ra).

    In European tradition, the Falcon represents the huntsman and is associated with the Germanic sky-gods Wodan as well as Frigg and the trickster Loki. In European culture the Falcon is considered a warlike symbol.

    At its core, the Falcon animal totem represents visionary power, wisdom, and guardianship. This powerful bird awakens visionary power, and leads you to your life purpose. The Falcon carries with it a message of transition and change - perhaps in your vocation, work, career, etc.

  6. First game of Week#5 ...( oct 6 )

    Oct ( kinda like 8 )
    OCTopus, OCTagon...

    "Week five" = 86

    From ( OCT 6 )
    .......( 86 ) days
    remaining till the end of the year.

    "Eighty six days left" = 218
    Aug6 ( 8/6 ) is the 218th day of the year...

    2/18 is the birthday of STEELER
    Running back.

    ( R. B. ) Running Back
    ( 18.2. )

    18/2 is like 2/18

    "Eighteenth of february" = 218


    "Sum of forty four" = 218

    44 was the total score sum for
    The steelers game in week five.

    In jewish gematria..

    "Week five" = 1640

    4:40pm like ( 16:40 )

    Drop the zero from 440
    You get 44

    "Sum of forty four" = 218

    "Two eighteen" = 131

    131 is the birth numerology
    Of the running back...


    2+18+19+92 = 131
    Twoeighteen= 131

    218th day of the year (august 6)

    In ??? Gematria form...

    "The sixth of august" = 1338

    13:38 is like 1:38pm

    138th minute is ( 2:18am )

  7. Not sure if this is cheating but
    He went to college in michigan

    ( M.I. ) the Abreviation...
    ( 4.9 )

    49th day of the year is ( 2/18 )

    Ya might say that he, once, was
    A michigan state spartan...

    "Michigan State Spartan" = 218

    Also he wore the #24 in college
    Age he is now ( 24 )

  8. Steelers and Falcons scored a total of 47 points when they played on 12/14/2014. Life lesson of 12+14+2+0+1+4 = 33. Modern era Superbowl #47.

  9. LeVeon Bell's birthday
    18/2 ( like 182 )

    182 minutes is ( 3:02 )
    His initials ... L.B. 32
    Any way ...


    In english gematria...
    "Three oh two" =822

    ..... 822 ( like august 22 )
    From 8/22 till the years end is..

    ..131 days...
    ( 131 ) the birthday numerology

    2 +18 +19 +92 = 131

    His initials again... 32

    "Thirty two" = 158
    On a calander (15/8)

    15/8 leaves 138 day till years end

    138 minutes looks like 2:18

  10. Bell made a rap mixtape
    His rap name (juice)
    Album name (the interview)

    "Juice :The Interview" = 206

    Drop the zero and ya have 26

    He wears the #26



  12. ...Now..

    How the POPE is connected with
    The Steelers and ( 218 )...

    49th day...
    .........(eighteenth of february)

    "Forty nine" = 126

    1/26...(the 26th day of the year)

    BELL wears #26

    From the 126th day of the year
    till the end of the year is...

    ... ( 239 days )

    Recall ( 239. 923. 266 )
    Numbers connected with the pope.

    "Secrets of nine two three" =266
    Francis is pope #266

    ...Now In jewish gematria...
    "Secret of two thirty nine" =2180
    Drop the zero and you get ...218

    ...also in jewish gematria...
    "Secrets oftwo thirty nine" =2270
    Drop the zero and you get... 227

    49th prime is ( 227 )
    49th day (eighteenth of february)

    2:27 on the clock (147th minute)

    From the 147th day ( 218 remain )

    "One four seven" = 159

    BELLs #
    ........ "Twenty six" = 159

    0n the clock ( 1:59 )...
    Thats the 119th minute...


    Reminds me of eleven/nine
    Sept 11...

    "Nine eleven" = 105

    From 10/5 till 5/10 ( 218 days )

  13. 911 WTC towers was about aluminum planes destroying/desintegrating steel buildings.

    Kids chanting in Florida school room:

    Plane hit steel must

    Flt #93 carrying 44 people went down in a field in Pennsylvania, 65 miles (105 km) SE of Pittsburgh, home of United Steelworkers, USW, the largest industrial labor union in North America.
    And the plane vanished/disentigrated too, according to the story.

    I feel like 911 was an event to bring forth the conspiracy culture into main stream thought and have it tear down the existing paradigm, since that is exactly what happened.

    Aluminum #13 element, light as air brought down heavy, sturdy steel

    Your tin foil hat shall set u free.

  14. Notice how Alex Jones reigning king of mainstream conspiracy/paranoiD "alternative" media, backed Trump the "alternative" non professional politician for president.
    Now that Trump is president, Alex Jones and friends can no longer be considered "alternative."
    I expect things to get alot weirder.

    1. Yes, controlled opposition is how "they" do it.


  15. There were 4 planes ✈️ (#4 Favre inducted into hall)

    Tower 1,2 (tower 7 collapsed without being hit)

    Shanksville PA ( Giants crashed vs Steelers 12/4/16 like flight 93 the 4th plane crashed from NJ to PA.
    Pentagon 1 (540 degree) ( redskins crashed
    Vs the Giants week 17)

    The terrorist boarded in Mary-Land
    To Bostons Logan.

    Rodgers #12. Brady #12. (Tower 1,2) pillars

    Building 7 collapse ,Big Ben #7 (1 motorcycle crash on the 6th avenue bridge, 2 rape cases Nevada and Georgia) Polish people live in Pittsburgh the Pope collapsed in Poland.
    Hillirary DNC in PA and collapsed in NYC and
    Lost election.

    Ben is 2-1 in Super Bowls

    Terrorist trained in Florida, Steelers beat Miami
    In 1st round Big Ben went to (Miami of Ohio)

    The last SB loss for Ben was vs GB.
    The fans own GB, the passengers over powered the terrorist crashed in PA.

    The pentagon was hit by Flight 77, 25 minutes into the flight

    Trump crashed the White House .2/5 Super Bowl date 97th prime=25 its the 97th NFL season. 1977 was the Black Sunday movie and Star Wars.

    Cowboys have 5 pointed star and pentagon 5 sides. The points combined in both wins vs redskins week 2 and 12 was 55 points 2016.
    2001 cowboys 5-11 record!
    Cowboys finished as the 5 seed did not make playoffs.

    Giants team Trashed their flight from Wisconsin to NJ , Packers gave 45 jersey to trump pentagon is 540 degrees. Trump went from
    Wisconsin to NJ after thanking the cheese heads. Trumps cabinet is full of cheese heads
    Or candidates with holes in their careers.

    5 days left till inauguration
    Cowboys vs Packers today is 1/15

    50 year anniversary of SB 1

    Bush # 43 Big Ben #7 Rodgers #12

    Obama #44 + 43= 87/78

    1978 Steelers beat cowboys 35-31 (66) SB13
    Lost to Houston 10/23/74 or 123!
    Lost to rams 10-7 like 17
    Record 14-2

    1966-67 1st Super Bowl

    World trade opened in 74-2001
    33 years

    1974 steelers won SB9 vs Vikings 16-6 (66)
    Record 10-3-1
    Tied Denver lost to two 7-7 teams Cincy and Houston lol 13-10 date (12/1/74) 112!!! Lmao

  16. Franco Harris #32 age 66
    Better watch his ass! Could be next.
    Round 1 pick 13

    One World trade construction started 2006
    Completed in 2013 (7) years Big Ben #7
    Opened in 2015 like 51!

    2005-2006 steelers 15-1 beat Seattle
    Big Ben 123 yards lol

    SB date 1/5 cost of a commercial 2.5 million lol

    Score 21-10 (777)

    1. SB date 2/5 correction like SB 51 2/5!

  17. My conclusion

    If Steelers going for #7 by #7

    Would be the only wildcard team=74

    To match Giants as the two time SB winners
    Going on the road winning 3 road games

    GIANTS 6 wins Steelers 6 wins

    Both probably over Rodgers #12

    Or 1966 Packers

    On the anniversary of SB 1

    Steelers win today ! Chiefs get sacrificed

  18. steelers won at home vs miami 1st round

  19. great conclusion and work dude. cheers to the better years. 7 25 34 52.