Tuesday, June 6, 2017

35 47 | If LeBron wins NBA Finals 2017, he will have won 3 of last 5, and 4 of last 7 (If he loses, he'll be 3-5)

I didn't catch that before.  Thank you Jordan.  (Reader Contribution)

If LeBron won the Finals, he would have won 3 of his last 5, and 4 of his last 7.  If he loses he will be 3-5 overall.  This year you got to go with your gut, because the numbers align nicely both ways.  That said, if the 25 thing is true, it bodes well with the Warriors.  The only 25 connection I have for the Cavs, is Steve Kerr, #25, played for the Cavs, 25-years-ago... but you could interpret who has the benefit of that either way, the Warriors or the Cavs.