Monday, December 11, 2017

33 41 85 98 103 112 | Steelers and Eagles are only 11-2 teams in the NFL after Week 14

I had a feeling only two teams would be 11-2 after this week (Week 14), and funny enough, they're the Eagles and the Steelers, both from Pennsylvania.  Super Bowl = 112

The Eagles and the Steelers were both established in '33, and are in their 85th season.

National Football League = 85
*Keystone = 33

Remember, this is the 98th season of the NFL, and the owner of the Steelers died 98-days before his 85th birthday.

*Steelers = 103 (Dan Rooney died on 103rd day of the year, April 13, 2017)

Also, don't forget the death of Denny Green for Super Bowl 52, who is from PA.

Notice when the Steelers played the Vikings in the Super Bowl 43-years before upcoming Super Bowl 52, January 12, or 1/12.