Monday, December 11, 2017

33 50 52 112 | MNF Discussion Thread +Carson Wentz has torn ACL

MNF = 33; Tom = 33; 12/11/2017 = 12+11+(2+0+1+7) = 33

This will be the 102nd game of the regular season, and 105th game all-time between the two teams.

Notice the Patriots can get their 52nd win all-time, having 49 in the regular season, and 2 in the playoffs already.

If the Patriots win, the only teams that will be 11-2 in the AFC are the Steelers and Patriots, the two I have said are the favorites for the Super Bowl since the start of the year, based on the evidence.

If the Patriots do win tonight, keep in mind Super Bowl = 50 (50th regular season win)

And the breaking news as I write this is that Wentz has a Torn ACL.

Read more about it here:

He finished the year with 33 TDs, a team record, and reminding that the Eagles and Steelers were established in '33.  NFL = 137 (33rd prime)

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