Wednesday, December 13, 2017

35 55 89 144 | I'll talk more about the car crash incident next week because it's interesting...

For now, think about this...

I'm 34 (34 is the 9th Fibonacci Number)

This happened in December; December = 55; Fibonacci = 55 (55 is the 10th Fibonacci Number)

My full name sums to 89, so does my father's and my mother is born on September 8, or 8/9
Plus the day I was born was the record cold temp, -89c (89 is the 11th Fibonacci Number)

This happened on my 144th day of being 34-years-old (144 is the 12th Fibonacci Number)
It also happened in the time of Sagittarius; Sagittarius = 144

35, 55, 89, 144...

*My birthday is July 21
*This happened December 11

The point of me sharing this is to reveal that perhaps these numbers do bring "things" into our life.  There is clearly an organic side to the code.

ALSO, I kept a woman from getting a 'DUI" and arrested in front of her child.

DUI = 4+21+9 = 34 (Ordinal)

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