Thursday, December 7, 2017

TNF | Saints @ Falcons, December 7, 2017, Discussion Thread

*Falcons 3-3 at home in the 'ATL", on the 33rd parallel...

This will be the 96th regular season game between the two teams, and 97th all time.

Matty Ice = 96; Freemason = 96

The Falcons lead 50-45 in the regular season, and 1-0 in the playoffs.

If Atlanta wins, they'll be 8-5.

Atlanta, Georgia = 85
National Football League = 85

Don't forget the I-85 fire.

The Saints and Falcons have two games left this year.

If Atlanta wins both, they'll have 52 all-time against the Saints in the year of Super Bowl 52.

Atlanta Falcons = 239 (52nd prime)

If they split, they'll finish with 51, after representing in Super Bowl 51.

ALSO interesting, it is 39-days until Brees's 39th birthday, or a span of 40-days.  TNF = 40

Matty Ice = 33; ATL = 33
Born on 137th day of the year; 137, the 33rd prime