Sunday, September 9, 2018

16 21 42 47 53 71 131 | Steelers-Browns ends 21-21, first tie since 1971 for Week 1 of NFL season

It's the first tie in Week 1 since 47-years ago, and it came in Ohio.

The tropics which measure time are 47-degrees apart.

There's also this about the word 'tie'...

53, the 16th prime

Notice the score was 21-21, a sum of 42.

And last, this came 71-days after LeBron James left Cleveland on July 1, or 7/1.

It was an AFC vs AFC game.

Another note is that it was the first tie between the Steelers and Browns in 131-meetings.

If the Browns first win is against the Ravens (the old Browns team), they will be 1-3-1, like the number 131.  It is very probable.

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