Friday, September 14, 2018

The David Katz Madden Shooting riddle revisited after Bengals 2-0 start over COLTS and BALTIMORE +Lion of Judah

Read more about the August 26, 2018 Madden NFL tournament shooting here:

David KATZ, the 24-year-old shooter in Jacksonville, a riddle for the NFL season, where the Jacksonville JAGUARS are in their 24th season.  CAT = 3+1+20 = 24

After TNF, September 13, 2018, "cat teams" have the following records:

Bengals, 2-0
Jaguars, 1-0
Panthers, 1-0
Lions, 0-1

In the latest game, the Bengals defeated the team from Baltimore, Maryland, where David Katz was reportedly from.  David = 40; TNF = 40

In the game prior, the Bengals defeated the Colts, who are originally from Baltimore.
Bengals = 24; Cat = 24

In Week 1, TNF finished 18-12, and was about the War of 1812 and the National Anthem.

In Week 2, TNF featured the Baltimore Ravens, the city where Francis Scott Key penned the National Anthem, but the team from Baltimore lost... to a cat team...

Consider in Super Bowl 50, it had to do with the Black Panthers being defeated, in the Bay Area, where the party was formed.  Then the next season, a 49er, Colin Kaepernick, received credit for starting the protests of the flag and National Anthem, which is an ongoing story, and this year, is complimented by Kaepernick being the face of Nike's advertising campaign which has to do with the protest.

That said, next week, Week 3, the Bengals and Panthers play.


Let us examine the Week 2 matchups of the other teams to see if we find a pattern.

The Jaguars open the season against the Giants and Patritos?

HELLO SUPER BOWLS 42 and 46...

And again, the David Katz shooting was in Jacksonville.  He was wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey, a team from New York, and a team in the same division as the Patriots.

The Panthers opened against the Cowboys in the deliberate racism bowl, now they face Atlanta, a bird team, sort of like how the Bengals beat a bird team to open Week 2, the same week the Panthers play the Falcons, before facing the Bengals in Week 3.

As for the Lions, they are the only cat team to lose thus far.  Lions = 24; Cat = 24

The Lions lost to the Jets in a September 11 riddle.  Now they face the 49ers.  Admittedly, this is a riddle I do not see between teams (Jets and 49ers), at least not yet.  Unless, it is deeper, like how 9/11 and the collapse of the two towers is connected to Tisha B'Av, which is connected to the prophecy of bringing the Jewish Messiah forward, who is supposed to arrive through the GOLDEN GATE...

Lion of Judah?

Don't forget the Star of David in the September 10-11 MNF game...

The Week 3 cat games are as follows:

Remember, Week 3 is September 23, the day leaving 99-days left in the year, and this is the 99th NFL Season, where New England has all the numbers... again...

Bill Belichick vs. Matt Patricia.... no accident.

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