Thursday, February 14, 2019

45 | Colorado runner suffocates 35-pound mountain lion with his foot, February 14, 2019 news

This reportedly happened Monday, February 4, 2019, a date with 45 numerology, and now we're hearing about it on the 45th day of the year, February 14.

2/4/2019 = 2+4+20+19 = 45

Today has 35 date numerology, and they're saying the mountain lion was 35 pounds (small).

2/14/19 = 2+14+19 = 35 (Jogger = 35)


  1. These synagogue Of Satan liars don't stop. This story is from the
    Old Testament, when King David killed a lion and a bear. The synagogue Of Satan loves the "Old Testament".

    "King David"=45(Full Red.)45/54

    "Travis Kauffman"=54(Full Red.) 54 ( 5 x 4 =20)
    "King David"=54(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Lion"=20(Jewish Red.)

    February 14th is the 45th day of the year, leaving 320 days remaining.

    "Synagogue Of Satan"=320(Reverse Francis Bacon)

  2. Hi there,

    Could you please do an analysis on the two bombings in the south east Asia region yesterday 14th of February, namely the attack on the Indian soldiers in Indian Occupied Kashmir

    and the attack on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

  3. Broncos play Jaguars and Lions in Denver, this coming season

  4. Kauffman was given 19 stitches in his cheek, six along the bridge of nose and another three in his wrist, where the animal had latched onto him. He was given antibiotics to prevent infection.
    A necropsy revealed the mountain lion was about 4 to 5 months old and weighed between 35 and 40 pounds when alive, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. There were multiple causes of death, including blunt trauma and strangulation. The cat tested negative for rabies.

  5. There is a programming going on for people to accept dangerous animals living much closer human occupied areas. There are more mountain lion sightings where I live

  6. 1 Chronicles 11:22
    Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, the son of a valiant man of Kabzeel, who had done many acts; he slew two lionlike men of Moab: also he went down and slew a lion in a pit in a snowy day.

  7. The ONLY reason the jogger was able to get a handle on this juvenile mountain lion and kill it was because it was a Juvenile. If only the mother of the juvenile mountain lion was hanging around or it was an adult mountain lion the story would have a better outcome. Why can't people just jog or run in their OWN neighborhood and if you are the outdoor type that likes to walk, run or hike, etc. in areas where wildlife reside, then know the consequences of doing so. I will never understand why people seek out a dangerous area (and I don't care if its open to the public) to go running or jogging and then get upset when they run into a wild animal and then if it attacks them or anyone with them (cause after all it is a WILD animal duh) and whether the person survives or not, wildlife officials hunt down the animal when its in its own territory (where its supposed to reside) and kill it. I have a question for ALL the people who like to walk, run, hike, etc. in areas where wildlife live, where are all the wildlife supposed to go when you move into their territory? Oh I know, your answer is the zoo, right?


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