Sunday, August 11, 2019

58 77 | Top secret teens, the high schoolers recruited by the National Secuirty Agency (NSA)

*This article doesn't discuss the MK ultra teens they use in shootings.

This news comes on a date with 58 numerology.

8/11/2019 = 8+11+20+19 = 58


  1. Massive Disinformation -- with a Grain Of Truth.
    Most high schools have at least one teacher who keeps an eye out for "gifted students", & then passes the name(s) & contact info on to gov recruiters. It's not just computer & math/science skills, but also language, cartography (map making) & other areas that are of interest.
    The student & their parents are approached, & if everything works out, college is paid for & the kid is fast-tracked into a gov career within their field of interest.
    However, there is a very strict caveat: TOTAL Secrecy.
    NO ONE is allowed to speak about this "arrangement" -- to ANYONE. EVER.
    If that rule is broken, The Deal Is Off.
    No matter how talented the kid may be, it's not worth the time & expense of training someone who has already shown a propensity for "leaking". Even if the "weak link" is a family member.

    Also -- there are NO Top Security Clearances for "interns". Period. Ever. That's beyond ridiculous. But the jist of this propaganda does lay down a foundation to explain away future "leaks" & "insider attacks".

    This practice is nothing new -- it's been going on for decades.

    And no doubt those who fail to pass the initial sniff test are never completely cast aside. Relegated to the caste of Useful Idiots, these will become the patsies, the disposables, etc.
    They'll never be aware that they didn't really "make it" ... & that rather than being "On The Inside", they are merely serving as Disinformation Agents.
    That's the Truth about how this program works. :D ;D

  2. Teen Choice Awards LAT/LONG are 33 and 118 and first live event at Hermosa Beach for the first time... The days not over people...

    Teen = 44
    Kill = 44
    Beach = 44
    Earthquake = 44

    1. Interesting ... they are also touting it as the 1st time in 20 years the event has been held on "Sand" ... & we know how often "Sandy" fits into these scenarios. already has a page on it ...
      It's put on by --
      "Onset Productions" = ** 227 ** eo, 74 red, 88 rr
      "Airing Live On FOX TV" = 222 eo, 96 red, 93 rr

      "Hermosa" means Beautiful in Spanish --
      "Live Teen Awards, Beautiful Beach, CA" = 116 red
      116 is a reflection of 911

      I'll be surprised if you aren't on to something here -- all the signs are there.
      Even the "Foxes Near The Western Wall" recently could be pointing to the airing on FOX TV.
      Good eyes! :D ;D

  3. Teen Choice Awards False Flag = 222 (EO)
    Order out of Chaos = 222 (RO)
    Chaos = 19 and 26
    Beach = 19 and 26


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