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27 39 42 44 54 59 74 98 | Death of Nate Thurmond, 27-days after NBA Finals, July 16, 2016

This news of Nate Thurmond passing at age 74 comes 27-days after the conclusion of the NBA Finals, where 'LeBron James' finished with 27-points in Game 7, the Cavs 103rd game of the season. Earlier in the day the actor Anton Yelchin died at age 27, having birth numerology of 103.

In 2015, I predicted the NBA Finals would be Cavs and Warriors based on LeBron James scoring his season high of 42-points, against the Warriors, which came February 26, 2015, the 57th day of the year.  I made this prediction in part because I knew how special the number was to LeBron James as well as 'NBA Finals'.  Also, I knew that Nate Thurmond's jersey was retired with both the Warriors and the Cavs, and he wore '42'.

NBA Finals = 42 (LeBron James = 42)

The Cavs and Warriors would meet in the NBA Finals 98-days after this game, going to overtime with a score of '98-98'.  LeBron would score 44-points in the game, losing to the Warriors, and eventually losing the series.

Basketball = 22/31/85 (LeBron, 31-years old at time of 2016 NBA Finals)

This game coming on the 57th day of the season connected to 'championship'.  This past season, when the Cavs won the NBA Finals, they finished the regular season with 57 wins.  Also, when Villanova won the College Championship, they got their 57th tournament win in school history.

Nathaniel = 5+1+2+8+1+5+9+5+3 = 39 (Nate = 5+1+2+5 = 13)
Thurmond = 2+8+3+9+4+6+5+4 = 41
Nathaniel Thurmond = 80 (Nate Thurmond = 54) (Oracle = 54)

Remember, the Warriors winning streak was snapped at home at '54' games, the same night the Cavs earned their 54th win of the season.

Nathaniel = 14+1+20+8+1+14+9+5+12 = 84 (LeBron's birth year) (United States of America)
Nate = 14+1+20+5 = 40
Thurmond = 20+8+21+18+13+15+14+4 = 113
Nathaniel Thurmond = 197 (Nate Thurmond = 153)

The Cavs began the 2015-16 season, having been in Cleveland since 1970, 45-years earlier.  There season had many parallels to the King James Bible and 'prophecy'.  45 is also the reflection of '54'.  By 2016, it marked 45-years since the Warriors joined Golden State, originally being from Philadelphia, the city named from the book of Revelation in the Bible.

153 is often paired with '42', going back to at least the 'Miraculous' catch of 'fish' from the Bible, originally published as the '42'-line Bible.

Notice he died 9-days before what would have been his 75th birthday.

Nine = 14+9+14+5 = 42 (Birthday = 42) (Freemason = 42)

Notice also that he was born in '41, a big number in the NBA Finals, which concluded June 19, 2016, the real King Jame's birthday.

6/19/16 = 6+19+16 = 41

"King James' was in his 13th NBA season, facing Golden State for the 'second' time in the NBA Finals.

Second = 33
NBA Finals = 33
Cleveland = 33 (First team to come back from 3-1, 33rd team to try)

7/25/1941 = 7+25+19+41 = 92
7/25/1941 = 7+25+(1+9+4+1) = 47
7/25/1941 = 7+2+5+1+9+4+1 = 29
7/25/41 = 7+25+41 = 73 (Sacrifice)

7/16/2016 = 7+16+20+16 = 59 (Negro) (Kill)
7/16/2016 = 7+16+(2+0+1+6) = 32
7/16/2016 = 7+1+6+2+0+1+6 = 23 (LeBron's #)
7/16/16 = 7+16+16 = 39 (Nathaniel)

The date can be written 16/7.  167 is the 39th prime number.

The '59' numerology really sticks out the most thought.

Notice below that he became a part of the NBA Hall of Fame in 1985, 31-years ago.

1985 was 31-years ago.

Basketball = 22/31


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  2. Nathaniel Alexander 1808 - 13th Governor of North Carolina - not sure if there is relevance

  3. Today is the one year anniversary when 4 Marines and a gunman were killed (5) at the reserve center in Chattanooga. Just a week ago 5 Dallas police officers were shot and killed.

    1. Yes, I have been talking about that a lot in my videos recently. It was the last day of Ramadan.
      Ramadan = 25/52
      The shooter was 25-days from his 52nd birthday...
      Muslim = 24/33 (He was 24)
      His name had the same gematria as 'prophet' and his first name was Mohamed.

  4. Nate Thurmond, LeBron James, Stephen Curry all born in

    (Akron) = 59.

    The NBA Finals that just passed, had a numerology of 44 start date. The next year's Finals will have a 44 start date also.

    June 1, 2017 = 6+1+20+17 = 44

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    1. How do you have picks already? Did elite make there choices already

    2. Zach says the elites plan years ahead,
      So yes the elites have made their choices already.

  6. The #FillThemAll Christian rally shut down today at 4 p.m. -- five hours early -- due to the high heat index of 96 degrees.
    Fire and rescue workers responded to 502 medical calls for heat-related injuries at Together 2016 and 35 people were taken to the hospital.

    Interesting numbers reported...
    96 = Freemason
    52 = Prophecy
    35 = Catholic (Pope did a video message)

  7. Zach, have you heard about this reality series created by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck called "The Runner"? Something about it tells me it could be predictive programming or dropping clues for what's to come. The premise is there is a "runner" who has to traverse the country unnoticed, hitting certain mandated checkpoints that are given to him via smartphone, and there are two eight person teams called "chasers" that also get clues about the runner's whereabouts and try to capture him before he makes it. It's over a course of 30 days and there's a $1 million cash prize for whoever wins. There's definitely some interesting gematria in this shit.

    Runner = 90, 36, 540 (Ninety = 33)(1-36 = 666; 2016 6x6x6)(54 Obama's age)
    The Runner = 123, 51 (Conspiracy)

    This is being broadcast on Verizon's video platform, go90.

    Runner = 90
    Ninety = 33
    go = 22, 13
    go'ninety' = 46

    chasers = 73, 46

    Damon and Affleck pitched this 'Sixteen' years ago in 2000, but it was scrapped for the "security concerns" it would have brought up when it was slated for late summer 2001 (Sixteen years later, on goNINETY, the RUNNER, 9/11 references)

    I don't know, I might be reaching, but the whole premise ties into the insane PokemonGO craze and it's another mass distraction, and there's a time limit of 30 days where some random guy will be in major cities across the US. Definitely sounds like some predictive programming breeding grounds here.

    One final point:

    Matt Damon = 101
    Ben Affleck = 65 (Also 47)
    Philadelphia = 101, 65

    1. It would be interesting to see if the runner ends up in Philly....


    3. More Stephen King coming to light? The movie is 2019, the book it is 2025. It is a pretty good read, as more of Kings Bachman Books are. He also wrote Rage as Bachman, a school shooting/hostage coming of age book, and my personal favorite, The Long Walk, which is another dystopia game show only with adolescent males.
      Then there is The Regulators where a Suburban Ohio neighborhood is transformed into a western-esque small and the residents are attacked by creations of a small boys imagination. Well, a small boy possessed by an ancient evil. Augmented Reality.

      King is a dick.

  8. Nate wore number 42...Curry hit 402 three pointers this year.

  9. Interesting that the cavs scored 703 total points in the finals (and the warriors 699). Shows the importance of 73 this year.

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