Friday, July 8, 2016

46 47 228 235 | July 7, 2016 shooting to August 22, 2016, 46-days later

From the July 7, 2016 shooting to August 22, 2016 is 46-days, or a total span of 47-days.  This is the date Huey P. Newton died on, August 22, 1989.  Huey P. Newton died at age 47.

Sacrifice = 46
Hate Crime = 46
Dallas Police = 46
Dallas, Texas = 46
President = 47

New Black Panther Party = 89 (Established in '89, year of Newton's death)

Death = 228
Martin Luther King Jr. = 228
United States of America = 228

Further, recall that August 22, 2016 will be the 235th day of the year, and that number has been coded often this year.  Notice the 666 following the 235 on the 'assassination' card from the Illuminati Game.

Prophecy = 666


  1. Time to get down to business. UFC 200. Has anyone broken anything down?

    1. After this event and Wimbledon + Euros im going to have a much better idea on how this stuff works.

      3/4 of the main fights on the card have one fighter with 42/62 birth numerology for this year. If Jon Jones had not been removed it would have been 4/4 of the fights. Thats no coincidence.

      Tate, Hunt + Edgar all have the same birth numerology this year. I expect all 3 to have the same fate win or lose...

      Andy Murrays Birth numerology this year is 36/56. As is Fernando Santos' the portugal manager. I expect both them to win tomorrow as well.

      Funnily enough Murrays name is actually Andrew Murray = 62.

      Ronaldo could score his 62nd goal tomorrow to break the record in the euro 2016 final.

      Im waiting this one out to see how it pans out, ive been wrong a few times on wimbledon and especially the federer v Ranoic match i was miffed. There's more to this then just connecting dates and names, otherwise Ireland would have won this years Euro2016 as there numbers wear pretty much perfect.

      Like i said im sitting this event out, take the above information as you will, good luck.

    2. Yea, I fell for the obvious trick today, would have been Serena's 79th loss on 7/9, but she = 79 pyth, AND her next birthday is in 79 days. I'm finding that situations like that are rather hit or miss, so it almost seems like a built in safeguard, where the result can go either way.

    3. Exactly, more often that not there's symmetry for both situations. Trying to understand why these people are winning is key. Birth numerology could have a lot to do with why people win in certain years.

      Astrology is key, im sure of it.

      Gematria gives you great insight, however its only part of the equation, just relying on it will eventually lead to guess work like you did, and i have done previously as well.

      Im working on it :)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Brock just went to 6 wins 3 losses .. ( 63 ) ... If Ronaldo scores twice morrow ... new record will be 133 games, 63 goals for Portugal. New Euro record will be 11 ( Just like Vardy ). 'Jamie Vardy' = 63 . 'Eleven' = 63. 'Soccer' = 63. 'Record' = 63.

    6. Vardy broke the record of a Man United player, in Manchester, playing against Manchester ... Ronaldo could break the exiled Frenchman's record, in France & against France morrow ... I put too much money to mention on certain bets ... If I'm right ... I'll share ... If I'm wrong ... I might be dead by Monday :D ha!

      Think about this ... Portugals greatest ever player, 'Eusebio', was nicknamed the 'Black Panther' ;) ... It's all out there ... "All we gotta do is figure out a way to go steal it"

    7. Great shout. I knew Brock was winning as well after Pena won her fight earlier in the night.

      Quite a few people on the card with identical gematria, all of which went on to win there matches as well. No coincidence. Everyone connecting to 38 won as well.

      Valesquez - 38
      Brocks - 38 Years old
      Miesha Tate - 38
      TJ Dillashaw - 38
      Joe Lauzon - 38

      All these won.

      Aldo Beat Edgar - 62 days before his birthday. Sixty two - 38.

      62 a number that will play big in tomorrows Wimbledon and European championship final.

      I've learned a lot tonight.

    8. Pre - Emiting a tate win here haha shes about to fight now.

      Will be very interested if she loses though. She has the 42 birth numerology.

      Both Edgar and Hunt lost with the same birth numerology, and Anderson Silva came in and lost in his 42nd match.

      Tate the only one on the card with 38 that seems to connect to the winners and 42 thats a trend with the losers.

    9. Nunes wins 42 days after her 28th birthday ... Here's hopin' Ronaldo will score twice morrow ;)

    10. 'Amanda Nunes' = 107. So far total of 107 goals been scored in Euro 2016 ... I went all out on Portugal ... but doubtin it now ... France won in 84 ... 16 year gap ... won in 2000 ... 16 year gap ... now it's 2016 ... Feck ... prob should have went with France! :(

    11. Ps ... Andy Murray will lose ... simply cause I hate him :D ha ... He's about as useful as a chocolate teapot, and as interesting as a bag of sand. :) Good-night. Ich bin spent!

    12. Nunes birthday came 40 days after i believe? 42 for Nunes would upset the pattern completely.

  2. RFG saying the shootings are real and to provide evidence he used a random comment on youtube. As well as saying not to fall for the Zionist Jew Puppet Zachary Hubbard.

    but he is right about you causing confusion you are really good at that.

    1. 'Guiyermo Purdencio' (through Reduction English Gematria) = 101, which is like 11, since the 0 means nothing

      'Jew' (through Reduction English Gematria) = 11

      'Jew' (through Ordinal English Gematria) = 38

      'A Mossad Agent' (through Reduction English Gematria) = 38/47/56

      'RussianVids' (through Reduction English Gematria) = 47/56/65/74/83/92

      Nice try Russianvids, we all know it's you. So fuck off.

  3. I highly doubt anything will happen on August 22nd because something extremely bad will happen in December.

    Also, these Kikes have rolled out their '5 month pattern', their final step before their December 2,016 agenda rolls out


  4. @Equinox what do you think is going to happen in December?

  5. He is a man of color.

    You know, he's huey.

    1. Haha -- you nailed that one! I bet The Think Tank set was giggling about that all through the '60's. Awesome correlation!! ;D :D

    2. It'd be real helpful if Blogger let us 'like' comments.

  6. There are two more days this month with 777
    7/16/16 and 7/25/16
    Order Out Of Chaos in Jewish Gematria Equals: 777
    Theres also PI day 7/22

    1. Thank you for pointing this out. I tend to overlook this type of thing. I really wish I had more grounding in numerology. Maybe it would then be more natural for me to think this way?

    2. And 7-16 is that Fill The Mall Christian Rally in DC.

    3. What is the meaning behind 777?

    4. 777 is the lightning bolt coming down the Tree of Life in Kabbalah,signifying God's creation and power. It is also called the Flaming Sword.

    5. Gotcha. Thanks. I looked it up on riding beast.

  7. Hey Z??
    Weird story alert!

  8. There's a story circulating through social media that a citizen was blown up by a drone yesterday without warrant or trial


      Sounds like a scare tactic to me considering it was the suspected Dallas hoax shooter. Scare tactic to intimidate people further after the blue lives matter bill furthering the power to the police state. This is supposedly the first drone killing in the U.S. But this is nothing new considering our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are killed by drones everyday.

    2. Is that a trial, as in a test run? Or do we have to convine a tribunal of independent investigators now everytime a weapon is going to be used? And these things still don't look as cool as Johnny 5.

      No disassemble! !!

    3. I thought they already did that to Christopher Dorner ... Oh wait -- that would imply he & that bullshit storyline were real ... Never mind! Lol ;D :D

    4. You're right -- JOHNNY 5 is STILL the coolest!! I keep an old toy version of him on my desk, lol. Egads -- maybe I need to plop him in a drawer for awhile ... been having a lot of tech issues lately ... & sometimes it DOES seem as though his "eyes" follow me ... Lol!! ;D :D

  9. The First Three Prime Numbers 235: [License Plate 235-666]

    "License Plate" = 49 & 121 [Exact match to "Revelation"]

    If we multiplied each by 6: [6 is the first "Perfect" number]
    12 + 18 + 30 = 60

    "Sixty" = 43 & 97
    "Civil War" = 43 & 97
    "Secret Code" = 43 & 97

    181 is the 43rd Prime

    "Barack Hussein Obama II" = 181
    "The Morning Star" = 181
    "January Eleventh" = 181
    "New York Giants" = 181
    "Houston Texas" = 181
    "Subliminal Message" = 181

    "Four Three" = 116

    If we try it a different way:
    "Six Zero" = 44 & 116 [911 Reflection]
    "One One Six" = 48 & 120 [Exact Match to "illuminati"]

    191 is the 44th Prime

    "Number of a man Barack Obama" = 191 & 666
    "January Eighteenth" = 191
    "New York Yankees" = 191
    "Winter Solstice" = 191

    "Forty Four" = 144 = "Mark of the Beast" = "Corporation"
    "Four Four" = 48 & 120 [Exact Match to "illuminati"]

  10. Black Panther Gun Club in Texas is called
    Huey P Newton Gun Club" in the English Reduction system equals 84
    Huey P Newton Gun Club in Simple Gematria Equals: 246
    Philando Castile in English Gematria Equals: 888
    Eight Hundred Eighty Eight in Simple Gematria Equals: 246


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