Friday, July 8, 2016

87 113 | The July 7, 2016 Dallas shooting and how it favors Hillary 'Clinton'

Think about how this narrative favors Clinton's campaign in terms of "mainstream consciousness' while hurting Trump, who has been more 'pro gun' than Clinton.  This is no coincidence.  The Mayor of Dallas is also Mr. 87.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Green Screen = 113; Perjury = 113; Scottish = 113

1:14 for the 114th Congress and legislation to come before the election?  I think so.


  1. Coincidentally, 7/7/16 was also the end of Ramadan

    1. I looked at that too, and as near as I can figure, I think it actually ended on 7/6/2016 technically...
      Eid = 44(B), 108/18(Eng Gem), 18(J, EO, P!)
      Eid al-Fitr = 136/46(B), 504/63(Eng Gem), 234/45(J), 84/48(EO), 48(P)

    2. July 5 was the last day this year from my research.

    3. Zach, Eid-al-fitr lasts for up to 3 days.

      And for 2016, scroll down on this

    4. Gotta say, this is more than I ever wanted to know about Eid, but I guess it could matter as to who is 'signing' these events. If some people have the new moon at a different time/day, it could matter as to when the event takes place...

      "It is not possible to predict the date of Eid-al-Fitr according to the Gregorian calendar accurately. This is because the month of Shawwal begins, and hence the month of Ramadan ends, after a confirmed sighting of the new moon, either in Saudi Arabia or locally. The new moon may be sighted earlier or later in specific locations. Hence, many Muslims in different communities, for example on the east and west coasts of the USA and Canada, may begin the Eid-al-Fitr celebrations on different dates."

      I'm not sure if there is a comprehensive and valid resource in English that gives these (extremely) esoteric date nuances by location???

    5. Well, this isn't a way to calculate (apparently, three different methods could be employed depending upon a Mosque leader's preference)...
      but may lend insight:

    6. As for July 5th versus 6th of this year, apparently that's when most observed the beginning in the US. They do as the Jewish folks do and use sunset the day before as the beginning marker. Since they use the lunar calendar, this is guaranteed to be 'off' from the Gregorian calendar in an ongoing way... up to 11 days off I read someplace.

    7. Yet a *different* entry at TimeandDate... for Qatar...
      Lists the end as 7/7/2016

      I think they go right into another observance after Ramadan, so that would have to be looked at also.

    8. Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!
      It's a completely moving target!
      Not only do different locations/countries, etc start it based upon 'sightings' or two other methods, the duration of celebration is anywhere fro 3 to 11 days in length!

  2. Ramadan
    Ramada (n)
    Ramada Inn

    Word play.

    The hotel chain was started in 1953 by Marion W Isbell.
    Is bell ding ding ding

    1. When I was a kid, we used to call it the Romulan Inn. :P

  3. Wow, this Marion W. Isbell character is from Chicago of course and opened the first Ramada N in 1953 on US Route 66 in Flagstaff AZ and check out their logo from 1953 to 1976 it's a little man called "uncle Ben" wearing an apron (later suit and tie) a top hat in one hand and a red trumpeted banner in the other that reads "Ramada Inn Roadside Hotels."

    1. Ya' know, I read that. If there's something there, it's probably related to that "Ramada oil men's club" (in Wikipedia Ramada entry) that they reference. After all, the Bushes are 'oil men' also, eh?
      Interesting find!

  4. Just saw a headline that referenced 12 Law Enforcement Officers:

    "Twelve Law Enforcement Officers" = 133 & 322 [223 Reflection]
    223 is the 48th Prime

    "Twelve" = 87
    "Law Enforcement Officers" = 235 [First three Prime Numbers], or could be

    123 = "Conspiracy"

  5. "Hillary Clinton: Shooting Violence a Call to Action":

    "Call to Action" = 44


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