Friday, July 7, 2017

44 77 | Trump vs Putin dispute, Mike Pence's hands on NASA merchandise & military troops in space by 2019

Today is July 7, or 7/7.

Power = 77
United States = 77
Moscow, Russia = 77
Washington D.C. on the 77th meridian

Judaism = 77; Zionist = 77; Theater = 77

Russia, and U.S., all throughout history... space, military...

Speaking of Space, look at the Mike Pence headline, a mocking...

First it was Rubio vs Trump and the "hands".  Then Trump with the groping hands.  Now it is Mike Pence who can't keep his hands off NASA's lady parts.

The Repubidurrrrrrrrrrrr party.

The moral of the story, rules only apply to some people.

The other moral is, don't you see it's all just a load of bullshit?

Space = 44
Military = 44
Armstrong = 44
Cancer = 44

Here we are in the time of Cancer, like the '69 moon landing, July 20.

Funny how things come together.