Wednesday, July 5, 2017

49 217 | July 5, 2017 two Jehovah's Witness showed up at my door and asked if they could read from the Bible

Life is strange.

Today is July 5, 2017.  7+5+20+17 = 49 (Revelation = 49) (Epiphany = 49) (Lord = 49)

*Zach Hubbard = 49; 7/21/1983 = 7+21+(1+9+8+3) = 49

About a week ago two women stopped by my house to give me some pamphlets for the Jehovah's Witness event coming up in Tacoma, about an hour south.  Religion = 53; Tacoma = 53  Today, one of those same women plus a different woman than last time came back and asked if they could read from the Bible to me.  I said that would be nice and she opened up to Revelation 21, reading Revelation 21:1-7.

What is strange is I have talked about Revelation 21:7 numerous times, it is the verse of the Bible I know best.

Of course my birthday is July 21, and perseverance has always been my word what Revelation 21:7 speaks to.

If you read Revelation 21:8, you'll see why she cut it off at 7.  Revelation 21:8 isn't as fun.