Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The three Qabbalistical processes termed Gematria, Notarikon and Temurah +Manly P. Hall & Albert Pike on Kabbalah

"The three Qabbalistical (45/108) (how Manly P. Hall spells it) processes termed Gematria, Notarikon and Temurah makes possible the discovery of many of the profoundest truths of ancient Jewish super-physics." - Page 130, The Secret Teaching, Manly P. Hall

Kabbalah = 52; Tree of Life = 52
Geometry = 45
Old Testament = 40

Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Freemason like Manly P. Hall, also adds this:

"One is filled with admiration, on penetrating into the Sanctuary of the Kabalah, at seeing a doctrine so logical, so simple, and at the same time so absolute. The necessary union of ideas and signs, the consecration of the most fundamental realities by the primitive characters; the Trinity of Words, Letters, and Numbers; a philosophy simple as the alphabet, profound and infinite as the Word; theorems more complete and luminous than those of Pythagoras; a theology summed up by counting on one's fingers; an Infinite which can be held in the hollow of an infant's hand; ten ciphers and twenty-two letters, a triangle, a square, and a circle,--these are all the elements of the Kabalah. These are the elementary principles of the written Word, reflection of that spoken Word that created the world!"