Wednesday, July 19, 2017

232 | The Houses of the Zodiac & Gospel gematria

In light of the opinion of Jesus and the Gospel being a story of the sky, the Houses of the Zodiac, what the Greeks called the constellations, which in their time were divided into twelve 30-degree sections called the Zodiac, much like the 12 disciples and the Son of God.  Or was it Sun of God?  And have you ever considered why the words sun and son are what they are?  I hope so.

Notice the 232 overlap.

Satan also sums to 232 in Jewish Gematria.

Recently I have been posting in error that circle sums to 232, this is incorrect.  I know a couple months back we uncovered something circle related that was 232.  I will need to find out what that was and report back, unless you know already.  If you do, please comment, thank you!