Thursday, November 23, 2017

NFL Thanksgiving Day Games Discussion Thread +Quick Thoughts

THANKSGIVING  = 66; NFL = 66; First Super Bowl in '66 season
*When you add 1 through 11, it totals 66 (11 on 11 in football)

Vikings Lions head to head:

Vikings lead 71-39-2.  This will be the 113th game.  *Lions beat Vikings 14-7 in Week 4

The Vikings falling to 8-3 on Thanksgiving seems right.  Football = 83; Minnesota = 38

That will lead to the Cowboys game too.... Cowboy = 83

It will be the 11th game between the Cowboys and Chargers. Cowboys can improve to 7-4 with win.

If Chargers lose, they'll be 4-7, reminding of their old home.  San Diego = 47 / 74

And last, is the Giants in D.C.

With a Giants upset, the numbers would be VERY D.C., which rests on the 38th Parallel.  D.C. = 47

That said... Washington D.C. = 56 (Like 5-6)..

Giants lead series 98-66-4.  This is the 98th season of the NFL.  Eli Manning = 98

It's interesting that they have played 168-games up to this point.  New York City = 168

169 has a square root of 13.  Thirteen = 99

Last week the Giants beat the Chiefs... it went to overtime 9-9...

They play the Redskins again to close out the season, 38-days later...


Vikings got their 72nd win against the Lions today.

Matthew Stafford got his 66th career loss.

NFL = 66

And then the Cowboys lost, and the Redskins (Indians) won.... on Thanksgiving.  I suppose that makes sense in a way.  Washington D.C. = 56 (Both teams became  5-6)

Notice the Redskins are 3-3 at home.  Indian = 33; Federal = 33

I'm also looking at how the Giants are 2-9 and the Vikings are 9-2.  Those teams had parallels running side by side last season as well.  Eli's father finished his career with Minnesota in 1984...

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