Monday, November 20, 2017

33 119 137 | Family Guy pays tribute to New England Patriots with "Petey IV", November 19, 2017 +Simpson's and Patriots deja vu

People are saying last night's Family Guy episode was in tribute to the Patriots?  Someone is also saying there was a reference to "33"?  Apparently, there was also a mention that Russia rigs U.S. Election and NFL football?

Remember, Family Guy debuted after Super Bowl 33, played on a date with numerology of 33.

TOM = 33; NFL = 137 (33rd prime)

The Patriots won with 33 points over the Raiders on this same date, November 19, 2017... the team that the Brady legacy began against... with the "Tuck Rule"...

Recall last year the Simpson's had a Patriots episode the day Brady returned against 'Cleveland', winning that game with 33-points...

Cleveland = 33; Simpson = 33

That game was 119-days before the Super Bowl...  Springfield = 119; Family Guy = 119

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