Wednesday, November 22, 2017

74 | Former American North Korean prisoner found on fire, November 22, 2017 news +John Conyers & Nick Carter of Back Street Boys

Look at this man's name.  The names in the media are always bullshit and somehow no one blinks an eye.  And who was there to capture him on fire and made a news story about it instead of helping him?  God, I hate the long noses.

Burnt Offering = 74
Death = 97

I had to look up how old John Conyers was, because he has been old as a dinosaur since I was in high school.  These people...

Like the back street boys are even into women... give me a break.

You better not microwave your thanksgiving meal, or any meal for that matter... take the time to make food, it's worth it.

And look at that, the first President who actually looks like a turkey.


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