Wednesday, November 22, 2017

58 | LaVar Ball vs Trump, JFK's bad back, Obama's limp wrist, Deron Williams $141m, David Cassidy & more N. Korea propaganda - November 22, 2017 headlines

Big Baller Brand = 271; 271, the 58th prime
Donald Trump, the winner of the 58th Presidential Selection

Ball's son on a contrived trip to China just days before Trump goes to China...

It's all obvious theater.

Again, WTF is UCLA doing in China?
AND BETTER YET, WTF is the President doing in China?

And people still can't see the New World Order...

Thirty-Three = 141

Bad Back = 165
Scottish Rite = 165

JFK died in the middle of Dealey Plaza, named after a Scottish Rite Freemason...

I always thought Obama might be gay, now I know.

Look at the way he holds the bottle with the limp wrist... undeniable evidence.

Partridge Family = 83; Murder = 83

This North Korea story is going to a new level of stupid...
Rand Paul = 33; Named after Ayn Rand born on 33rd day of the year...

Ungrateful fool = 205; All Seeing Eye = 205

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