Saturday, May 26, 2018

17 29 33 46 109 | Cavaliers beat Celtics 109-99, May 25, 2018 +Kevin Love out for Game 7

The Cavs won Game 6 as expected, with 109-points, which was the number of the day in the news, especially pertaining to the nearby school shooting in Indiana.

Read about shooting here:

109, the 29th Prime
Ohio = 29

Notice the Celtics lost with 99.

Thirteen = 99 (Ordinal)

We know 13 has been the number, and why, in LeBron's 13th season of making the playoffs.

LeBron scored 46-points, reminding of Psalm 46 in the KJV 1611, a special Psalm...

Notice LeBron took 33-shots, and made 17...

LeBron = 33
James = 33
Cleveland = 33
Game Six = 33

NBA = 17
Ohio, the 17th State
Cavs, 17th team to join the NBA

The other storyline is Kevin Love is out with a fake injury again, a tired story.

This detail just builds on the LeBron legacy.

Game 7 will be 262-days after Kevin Love's 29th birthday, which was September 7, 2017.

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