Saturday, May 26, 2018

6 13 41 99 | The U.S. Flag, the 99th season of the NFL and Tom Brady's 6th Super Bowl win at age 41

The big decision about NFL protests of the flag and national anthem comes before the 99th Season of the NFL, which will begin September 6, 2018.

With regards to it being the 99th season of the NFL, I want you to think about the 13-stripes on the U.S. Flag, and the 13 colonies the nation began with.

Thirteen = 99; The United States of America = 99

The number 41 is the 13th prime.

41, the 13th prime

Think about it, Tom Brady will be 41-years-old for the 99th season of the NFL, the "All-American Wonder Boy".

Remember, he can win his 6th Super Bowl, where 13 is the 6th prime number.

Last year we saw Nick Saban win championship number 6 in the same stadium that will host Super Bowl 99.  Remember, it was #6 on Alabama who caught the winning 41-yard touchdown pass.  That was after Alabama was down 0-13, before inserting #13 at QB, the man with the 13-letter-name.

Alabama = 13 (Reduction)

*And we're not even talking about the ritual with LeBron, 13, and Alabama that is also taking place right now, and which was a big part of the college football championship.

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