Friday, May 25, 2018

18 44 61 | The death of Chris Paul's grandfather at age 61, in light of it being 2018, and him never being closer to the NBA Finals

Nice April 4, or 4/4 news.

Kill = 44
Rockets = 44
Chris Paul = 44
James Harden = 44

This article was from April 4, 2016.

4/4/2016 = 4+4+20+16 = 44

Here's the headlines from when the news broke, December 30, 2003.

His 'grandpa' was randomly murdered at age 61, the EXACT SAME DAY Chris Paul signed with Wake Forest to play college basketball, which is nearby to Chris Paul's town of Winston-Salem, which I call "basketball weirdo land", having a lot of strange sports related history, especially for basketball.

61 is the 18th prime number
Here we are in 2018

We are approaching the 15-year-anniversary of the death of Chris Paul's grandfather.

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