Saturday, May 26, 2018

I just noticed something about when I bought my first house at age 28, house number 6

I moved from my apartment, #6 to my house, which is house number 6, and 6 only, when I was 28-years-old.  I got the keys to the house on Friday, January 13, 2012.

6, the first perfect number
28, the second perfect number 
MAN = 13+1+14 = 28 (13, the 6th prime and Man begins with M, the13th letter)

The date had 26 numerology.

1/13/12 = 1+13+12 = 26 (26th verse, man made on the 6th day)

And at the time, I felt like I was supposed to be at that house.  There were lots of birds around, which made me happy because for years I had been noticing the decline in bird chirping in the mornings, until I moved to this place which is full of big trees and many birds, including bald eagles.  I think somewhere on this blog I documented that a bald eagles swooped over my house on my 31st birthday, being a person with a 31 in my birth numerology.

*31 ended up being a really rough year

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