Monday, May 28, 2018

22 35 79 87 | LeBron "King" James advances to NBA Finals, May 27, 2018, for 8th consecutive times

The Cavs won with 87, and LeBron scored 35-points.

James = 87 (Reverse Ordinal)
King James = 35 (Reduction)

King James became a Freemason in the year he turned 35.

Notice the Celtics scored 23 in the 4th.  King = 23 (Reduction)

The Holy Bible in his name was released in the year he turned 45, 1611.

Holy Bible = 45 / 45 (Reduction & Reverse Reduction)

LeBron can become 4-5 in Finals, likely beating the "other James".

Be sure to see my past work from ALL NBA SEASON on LeBron and the "Holy Bible" riddle.  153 is another huge number, and the Finals being 153-days after his 33rd birthday.

Also, see my work on the death of Kyle Korver's brother and Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

LeBron, 1 assist shy of a triple-double, 35, 15, 9.

ALSO, something to think about with LeBron going to straight.

King = 67 (Reverse Ordinal)
67 is the 19th prime
19 is the 8th prime

8 straight.

LeBron won by 8-points tonight, 87-79.

The Celtics starters had 61-points.  Finals = 61; 61, the 18th Prime

The Celtics went down with 79-points, in Boston.

79, the 22nd prime
Basketball = 22; Boston = 22

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