Wednesday, November 28, 2018

11 31 51 77 | The last MNF game before September 11, 2001, Denver Broncos 31, New York Giants 20

This was the last MNF game before September 11.

Notice the Broncos won with 31.

31, the 11th prime

They beat New York by 11 points.

11, the master number, was the number on 9/11, in New York, the 11th state.

Think about Denver Airport and the New World Airport commission.

If you sum the score, it was 51 total points.  Conspiracy = 51

"Behold a pale horse"???

Notice the start time was 7:07 as well, similar to 77.  September Eleventh = 77

77 was one of the most important numbers on 9/11.

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