Sunday, November 25, 2018

20 44 47 49 118 218 225 | Christian Combs 90's Baby album and the death of Kim Porter, his mother

King = 22; Bad Boy = 22
King = 67; Blood Sacrifice = 67 

Notice this album by Christian Combs, son of Sean John Combs, released April 11, a date similar to his father's birthday, November 4.

Read about the death of Kim Porter's mother on the 114th day of the year, April 24, 2014:

The name of the album goes with the label 'Bad Boy', and the age of Diddy at the time of release.

The album released 158-days after the father's birthday.

From the release of the album to the death of Kim Porter was 218-days later.

*7-months, 4-days; Rapper = 74; Killing = 74; Masonic = 74; Gematria = 74

The number 218 connects to death.

Recall, Kim Porter's name also had fateful gematria.

Her birth numerology also equates to 118.

12/16/1971 = 12+16+19+71 = 118

Notice the full name of Christian Combs sums to 118.

*11+15+18 = 44 (Kim Porter died on a date with 44, numerology, Christian was born 4/4

*Christian Casey Combs or 1,014 (Jewish); Sort of like his 11/4 album release date

Again, the death of his mother came 225-days after his 20th birthday:

He is 20-years-old.

Again, it is being reported that Kim was 47-yeras-old, even though available evidence online points to her being 46-years-old.

This connects to the name 'Christian'.

Read about the death of Kim Porter's mother, 'Sarah', 47-days after her 67th birthday, and how she was born in the year 1947, emphasis on '47 (Sarah = 19+1+18+1+8 = 47):

Read about Kim Porter's death in light of her son Quincy Brown, and his role in the film, 'The Holiday Calendar'.  It is just as numerology oriented as this example here.

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