Sunday, November 25, 2018

26 35 37 44 55 75 | From the beginning of the Hondurans migration, October 13, 2018, to November 26, 2018 +Military?

From October 13, the date the journey began, to November 26, the day leaving 35-days left in the year, and the day the news is certain to be focused on this story, is 44-days later.

That's also a span of 45-days to go with #45, Donald Trump.

Military at the border has been a big focus of this story:

November 26 has 37 numerology, also connecting to 'Honduras', and more importantly, it is the day leaving 35-days left in the year, connecting to 'border'.

11+26 = 37

Recall, it took from October 19 to November 23, for the migrants to get from the Guatemala-Mexico border to the Mexico-U.S. border.

Read about border-to-border in 35-days here:

Read about the shutting down of the U.S. border on November 25, Sunday, by the numbers:

Keep in mind November 26, 2018 will have 75-date numerology, the 'order out of chaos' number.

11/26/2018 = 11+26+20+18 = 75

26 also connects to chaos, as in November 26.

November 26 also has 55 date numerology, connecting to 'military'.

11/26/18 = 11+26+18 = 55

In light of the border being shutdown at San Ysidro, it should be noted that the city is named after the Honduran, San  Isidro, a name summing to 45.

Geometry = 108
Trump, #45; November 26, a span of 45-days since the October 13 migration began
63; 2016, the 63rd triangular number

Don't forget Trump was announced as the 45th President Elect on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, November 9, 2016. 

From Trump's birthday to November 26, 2018 is 165-days later.

Donald Trump = 159; Scottish Rite = 159 / 165

I still remember Trump's victory speech, when he made two guarantees, he would beat Hillary, and he would build the wall.

From November 9, 2016 to November 26, 2018 is 747-days later, or a span of 107-weeks.

The word 'military' sums to 107.  Military = 13+9+12+9+20+1+18+25 = 107

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