Saturday, December 28, 2019

40 57 131 | ESPN's Clemson vs. Ohio State highlight, December 28, 2019 +Clemson over Ohio State

131, eh?  Read about Tyshon Dye's July 5, 2019 death, it had much to do with 131.

Link to Tyshon Dye's passing, July 5, 2019:

Clemson's coach's next win is 131, and it could come on 13/1, January 13.

Keep in mind Tyshon Dye's death was 5/7, and the woman who died today is Louisiana, who Clemson will face, has a name summing to 57, Carley McCord.

Clemson made Ohio State 13-1 today.

Clemson also became 4-0 vs Ohio State, like 40.

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