Tuesday, December 17, 2019

49 103 187 266 | Trump's letter to Nancy & the December 18, 2019 House impeachment vote

Notice Nancy calls it 'sick' and Chris C. at CNN gives us the '30 most blistering lines'.

113, 30th prime


Tomorrow, December 18, 2019, the date of the vote, will be 187 days after Trump's birthday.

Read about the Scottish Rite ritual with the 'impeachment inquiry':

Don't forget how Trump's GOP Convention began July 18, or 18/7, a span of 187-days from Inauguration Day.

Remember when they became repealing Obamacare on the 187th day of the administration:

December 18, 2019 is a date with 49 numerology as well.

12/18/19 = 12+18+19 = 49

In addition to the Scottish Rite, it is the Jesuits who have much influence in Washington D.C.

The news of the letter, on the eve of the vote, comes 266-days after Pelosi's birthday, the "devout Catholic".  Keep in mind today is Pope Francis' 83rd birthday, the 266th Pope.

Read about 266 and the Jesuits:

The official name of the Jesuits is the Society of Jesus.


Read about the shared motto of the Jesuits and the Scottish Rite:

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