Saturday, December 28, 2019

47 59 74 134 | Forshay Rd., the site of the Monsey Synagogue stabbing, December 28, 2019

47 Forshay Road is the address.  47!

Israel was recognized as a nation, November 29, 1947, emphasis on '47.

Monsey, on the 28th, with a 'machete'.

These are all coincidences.

Including the Ides of March being on the 74th day of the year, the day to remember the stabbing of Caesar, or 47.

Remember when my book was banned on the 74th day of the year.


It happened in Monsey, New York.

12/28/19 = 12+28+19 = 59

There is a riddle with 'temple' and its remembrance on Tisha B'Av, or the Ninth of Av.

*Notice the 9:10 tweet above, and the 91 below

It's the 28th... Temple = 28; Monsey = 28

Read more here:

Notice the street signs at the top.


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