Tuesday, February 25, 2014

33 Watch: "Varsity" "Junior" and the English Education System

Yesterday I wrote about the number 33 and education.  You can read that post here.  The highlight of that post was the word teacher having a numerology of 33.
  • Teacher = 2+5+1+3+8+5+9 = 33
Today I realized the word varsity also equates to 33.  The word 'varsity' meant university in 19th Century U.K.  It was later replaced by University and College for the higher education reference in more recent eras by most English speaking people.
  • Varsity = 4+1+9+1+9+2+7 = 33
  • College = 3+6+3+3+5+7+5 = 32
Please remember, the number 33 represents mastery and enlightment, and the number 32, amongst other things also represents one part short of enlightenment. If that doesn't describe the average U.S. college education of cramming and frustrating the brain, I don't know what does.  Our education system about is weeding us out as opposed to picking us all up; it is about seeing who will tolerate the most stress and do well at it instead of trying to get the most out of all of us; it is a lie.  No sane person could argue that our education system is about enlightening the populace, it is about seeing who will work, who will grind, and who will obey authority.  In Germany, they refer to University as 'Uni'.
  • Uni = 21+14+9 = 44 (Standard Format Decoding)
These days, the word 'varsity' typically applies to athletics and clubs pertaining to the education system; especially at the high school or equivalent level.  Typically, there is also a "junior" varsity team, for the slightly less gifted, but still very talented.  In high school and university, the third year of college, emphasis on the '3', is the junior year.
  • Junior = 1+3+5+9+6+9 = 33
The word Junior also has an English background.  And thus, when you combine 3 for year and Junior, you get 3 33, in a British ruled world, with a language based on numbers, that is for the purpose of a new world order, that codes these numbers into just about everything that matters.

Let us close by thinking about "college" being one short of 33, and the word "high" as well; as in "high school"
  • High = 8+9+7+8 = 32
    • College = 3+6+3+3+5+7+5 = 32
  • School = 1+3+8+6+6+3 = 27 = 9
The world's oldest English Universities are Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Oxford = 6+6+6+6+9+4 = 37 = 10 = 1
    • 10 represents God in Occult numerology, so if not 33, why not 10?
In Occult numerology, 10 represents God and 9 represents the fall of man.
  • Cambridge = 3+1+4+2+9+9+4+7+5 = 44
Oxford, or 6666ville, created the most prestigious scholarship in the world; the Rhodes Scholarship.
  • Rhodes = 9+8+6+4+5+1 = 33