Sunday, August 31, 2014

33 74 | New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and Arming Ukraine

It is no secret that the western nations making much money by arming the world with weapons we don't need, and then blaming false boogiemen for the spread of these tools of death and destruction.  By identifying the agents within our own congress who help legalize this unjust trade, we can help bring it to an end.  Enter Democratic Senator of New Jersey, Robert Menendez.
  • Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33
  • Menendez = 4+5+5+5+5+4+5+8 = 41
  • Robert Menendez = 33+41 = 74
If you have read my prior posts, I have been showing you how what is unfolding in Ukraine is a scripted event, filled with "Agents of the 33"... which Robert Menednez is also a part of.  This is a worldwide Gang, with global reach.

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