Thursday, August 28, 2014

Are the names 'Isis' and 'Three-Thirty-Three' Synonymous?

Imagine you were a wealthy billionaire, and this week were going to name your newly constructed apartment high rise tower 'ISIS', only until it became a 'bad word' in the mainstream media.  In such a predicament, wouldn't you then select the next closest name, 'Three-Thirty-Three"....?

No?  Well, that is exactly what a Florida Condominium builder just did...  After the name ISIS became "less favorable"; they swapped it out for more popular "Three Thirty Three"...

In the United States, similar complexes are located in Palm Beach and Houston, Texas- with the same names, Three Thirty Three Downtown.

If you care what I think, this truly does give further insight into who is behind the name ISIS.  These people who rule this world are arrogant and are not worried about having their fingertips reveled.  This of course is because they think we the people, aren't going to do anything about it.  On the contrary, they expect us to "continue the path".  Will we?