Saturday, October 15, 2016

11 25 33 43 52 104 106 | Three Kansas men plotted to bomb Somalis in apartment complex, October 15, 2016 headlines

Kansas = 11/20/29/38/65

7/4/1776 = 7+4+17+76 = 104 (Jerusalem = 104)
There is a story up about Jerusalem at this same time....

Somalis = 25/43 (Massacre = 25/43)
Somalis = 88 = Poison = Program

It is no coincidence they report 'southwest' Kansas.

'3' men.

You might recall that 'Garden City' is the same place the train derailed the day before March Madness began, when Kansas was the favorite to win the tournament, before being knocked out by Villanova.  'Garden City' has the 'prophecy' coding.

Prophecy = 52/106

'Liberal, Kansas' has the same gematria as 'Somalis' and 'Massacre'.

Massacre = 25/43; Somalis = 25/43

Liberal alone also has the 'kill' gematria.

Kill = 10+9+20+20 = 59 (Jewish)

'Wright, Kansas' has gematria corresponding with 'conspiracy' and 'federal', which this is.

Federal = 51; Conspiracy = 51

The name of the men are also interesting.

Curtis Allen = 44/53/134
Gavin Wright = 66/138
Patrick Eugene Stein = 85/94/103/202 (Patrick = 33/42)


  1. The Wizard of Oz takes place in Kansas in Emerald city. Are these 3 guys supposed to represent scarecrow, tin man, cowardly lion somehow?

    The wizard of oz is one of the few films on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.

    Look out for more hot air balloon stories in the news! Ha!

    1. Very good parallels, I think you nailed it.

    2. K-156 goes through here and intersects with US 83. 156 used to be a US highway until decommissioned in 1982 - Uncle Rico's glory year on the bench.

      156 first year of operation as a state highway was '83 and connects to US 83.

      the dudes who wrote Napoleon Dynamite are from K State, not Idaho. literally everything west of the capitol Trash-peka is Wildcat country. Jayhawks get very little love in the breadth of their home state. fucking hicks man, fuck.

    3. All Jewish Values


      Very interesting

  2. fuck ton of fags in my fraternity are from Garden City - all legacies and friends of legacies and shit. seriously, an inordinate amount of Kappa Sigma's are from there. Bob Dole was a member of our chapter at KU as well.

    anyways, I just learned that the first level of Freemsaonry (not Scottish or York) has basically been copy and pasted as the initiation rituals and operations of Kappa Sigma, which draws its roots to Bologna, allegedly. our handshakes, identifying phrases and regurgitated rituals/conversations/meetings are masonic to a fault. I had no idea, I fucking hated being in that house. I was a legacy as well and was boxed in cause I paid the whole year housing up front - no fucking refund.

    "Are you a Kappa Sigma?"

    "A trial will prove."

    the ensuing conversation between the Grand Master of Ceremonies and the Grand Master is EXACTLY how masons do it - sounding out syllables and tokens and following the fucking script. that shit was so fucking lame. I hated every minute of after the first 3 weeks.

    1. Sounds horrid. I always hated Frats, hey you wouldn't call your country a Cunt would you? At Tennessee, I just tried ny best to hook up with their girlfriends.

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  5. When it comes to sports, there is always a Tragedy. I've been waiting for this one for 3 days

    So here is the 2017 Men's College Basketball National Championship Winner

    2017 = 20 + 17 = 37

    Kansas Jayhawks = 37/64
    March Madness = 64
    Kansas = 11 (Master #)

    You're Welcome, Gematria Bettors!

    Now take all of Las Vegas's Money!