Saturday, October 1, 2016

113 | Two U.S. sisters found dead on Seychelles Islands, October 1, 2016 news

Here's more mainstream propaganda, the only thing the mainstream reports on.

1.  Advertising for Facebook, top right.  Facebook = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

First, the name 'Korkki', which looks incredibly fake.  Notice the three 'K's use in the name.

Annie Korkki = 55/82/118 (Sacrifice = 55) (Death = 118)
Robin Korkki = 61/88/133

Their ages, 37 and 42, sum to 79.  Murder = 79

Denver and Chicago, eh?  We know about those cites.

Chicago = 37/46

Again, if you read about it in the mainstream, it is propaganda.


  1. Yea man do u have a number on person in charge of this fuc shit...u no they do this fuc shit then hide behind their assistants so they don't have anwser

  2. Slip a Mickey--123

    Mickey Finn--109

    Slip a mickey is old chicago-style gangster slang for serving a laced drink. Mickey Finn, the man it was named for, was a bartender/business thug in Chicago at the time. Whether he actually existed is a point of contention.

    So is it

    Alcohol Poisoning- -184, 1104


    Poison in the Alcohol- -210, 2160

    1. Probably end up being

      Sister Suicide- -160, 960

  3. This is like an Agatha Christie mystery story. 2 sisters illogically dead by seemly natural causes, foul play suggested, yet no one broke in and the door locked from the inside. A regular who-done-it.

    More details will probably be forthcoming if it intrigues a large enough audience, like the Jon Benet Ramsey story. Theyve been stringing that one along for 20 years now.