Sunday, October 23, 2016

114 | New World War II movie, Hacksaw Ridge, being released November 4, 2016, or 11/4

A new World War II movie is going out on November 4, or 11/4?


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  2. Made by the "anti Semite" Mel Gibson, ha this movie is just to remind us of the "American heroes" 😝

    Mel Gibson = 42 and 96, Freemason=42 Freemason=96

    World War =42

    Hideki Tojo was arrested by the U.S army on September 11th 1945

    1. Saw a poster in work earlier ... November 4th is the day the new Call Of Duty - Infinite Warfare video game comes out too :D 'Call Of Duty' = 119
      And wouldn't ya know ... it's the 13th Call Of Duty game to be released!

      War War everywhere!

    2. Perfect day for a war game and a war movie to come out...

      November Fourth = 74

    3. Mel's most controversial movie "The Passion Of The Christ" came out on 2/25/2004


      Of course lol.

  3. They must make this shit up as the go....The price you have to pay when you are owned by the false Jews...

  4. No way a soldier is allowed to even be shipped with that kind if attitude. Especially then.

    1. Desmond=74, 223

      T. Doss=77(christ), 334(christ-like)

      The American Christ=174

    2. TDOSs is also a scientific term for The Total Density of States of elements, mass, etc. Which is funny to me, considering this guy and his story have as much weight as a molecule of helium.

      Total Density of States=296

      The Total Density of States=302

      How dense do you have to be to believe this nonsense?

    3. Great catch on the Density acronym!

      Totally agree with you -- this is 100% FABRICATED BULLSHIT! Never heard of this before -- & most importantly -- never heard anyone from the WW2 era mention it.

      And like you said -- they would NOT have sent him overseas ... where his noncombatant stance would have likely gotten other Americans killed.

      I've collected lots of old newspapers from the 40's & 50's ... & this LIE is not mentioned in any if them.
      Had this story existed back then, people would've known ... especially considering the difference between War Coverage then & now -- it's literally like comparing an annotated encyclopedia to a kid's coloring book.

      Also -- the survivors of those killed on Okinawa would've (rightfully) been screaming for his execution -- & the same for anyone connected with sending him over.

      Going into battle with such beliefs would likely have cost many Americans their lives before this "heroic action" finally took place. And "saving enemy prisoners" -- while placing your fellow troops at risk -- could well have been viewed as treason!

    4. The only non-combatants sent oversee and into battle were priests or reverends, etc. It would actually be a more believable tale if it was a priest, there are a few qar stories from that era about holymen saving lives, but nothing like this. In 20 more years, we will probably have won Vietnam too.

    5. You're so right! Yeah -- by then they'll have pics of the grateful Vietnamese pulling down Ho Chi Minh's statues ... I'd LOL, but this revisionist shit is one of the few things that actually pisses me off.

      In 20 yrs, just how "dense" will everyone be? Like Lead, I'd say.

      Reminds me of the "great" (Now that IS funny! Lol) ancient philosophers ... & how they equated the "castes" of man with various metals. I don't think Lead was even mentioned -- so to be "Dense As Lead" would "caste" one as Sub-Human, wouldn't it?

      *** ***
      Ever seen Stargate SG-1, season 7, episode 5 -- titled "REVISIONS"?

      It's VERY on-point with this topic. There is a planet where everyone receives their knowledge via "The LINK" -- a wearable, Internet-connected device that downloads "everything they need to know" into their brains. Their entire perception of reality is controlled by an AI mainframe.

      This -- & so many other SG-1 episodes -- are eerily prescient. Not in that creepy Simpsons / South Park way ... more like: There could be truth in here ... for those willing -- & able -- to spot it.

      Season 5 -- airing in '01 & '02 ... contains either the most eye-opening revelations -- or the best-placed propaganda -- ever (or both ...).
      Of special interest are episodes from Aug & Sept '01 & March '02.

      8/17/01 -- "The Tomb" ... references an "unusual" discovery in Iraq.
      8/31/01 -- "2001" ... so eerie I won't spoil it ...

      Followed by an unprecedented Double-Showing --
      9/7/01: "Desperate Measures" ... consider the title
      9/8/01: "Wormhole X-Treme" ... Played as a spoof -- but pay attention ... the "art as reality" theme -- airing **84** hours before "9/11" -- is uncanny.

      Next episode didn't air til 3/8/2002 -- "Proving Ground".
      Viewed back-to-back with the previous episode (episodes 100 & 101!) -- they are virtually an expose on "believable deception".

      Next -- episode 102 -- "48 Hours", aired 3/15/02.

      ** Russian leader says: "You think you can lead the American people into a war & keep the real reason for it from them?"

      Rep from the Pentagon replies: "It wouldn't be without precedent." **

      From the air date of 3/15/02 ... to the opening of the 2nd Iraq War on 3/20/03 (non-inclusive -- so the date of 3/19 also fits) ...

      370 days ... or 8880 hrs.
      8x8= 64x8= 512 ... 5+1+2= 8
      5/12/03 was the date of the "Riyadh Compound Bombings" in Saudi Arabia -- blamed on Al-Queda & reported as a "sign that international terrorists were after Westerners" ... therefore, "Americans weren't safe anywhere".

      To me, these "oddities" are a reminder not to freak out -- that's it's all theater (albeit a deadly one) ... the truth behind which we're not likely to ever learn. Much like "Wag The Dog".

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  6. Thanks for sharing this -- hadn't heard of it. Since most of those who ACTUALLY served in WW2 are now dead, we're going to see a lot more of this 100% FABRICATED BULLSHIT.

    LIES like this are an INSULT to those who truly DID fight & ACTUALLY suffered.

    The day he turned 18, my father was called up -- & taken out of HIGH SCHOOL -- in the middle of his Junior year! Within a few months he'd already lost a friend during live-fire training in TX, & was on a ship bound for Europe.
    A few years later, he & other battle-hardened vets returned to the same school ... to finish their classes with "the rest of the kids". The only nod to their status as "Grown Men" was an after-lunch smoke break allowed in the boiler room.
    As an only son, he could've asked for an exemption. But -- like so many others of that era -- he felt he had a "Duty To Serve His Country".

    ** Suddenly the DUALITY of releasing "Call Of Duty" at the same time as this piece of trash becomes obvious. **

    A former father-in-law served with Merrill's Marauders in Burma. Pushing forward -- despite dysentery & typhus -- he barely survived severe wounds from an ambush ... & only then because he'd lain motionless for days beneath the bodies of his dead comrades. When help finally arrived, he weighed less than 100 lbs.
    This Truly Courageous "country boy" was one of only a few hundred that survived General Stilwell's cruel, ego-driven "campaign" -- a "mission" that began with 3,000+ troops & lasted less than 6 months -- yet cost the lives of over 2/3 of those who served under him.

    Fewer still survived to actually RECEIVE their Bronze Star --

    This True Heroe finally received HIS Bronze Star ... IN THE MAIL (!) ... on 8/19/1991.

    EXACTLY -- 47 yrs, 16 days -- after the unit's "final victory" on ... 8/4/44 ... !

    Those sons-of-bitches!
    Thank you Zach -- once again -- for teaching us Gematria!!

    I watched this brave man cry as he passed his belated medal around -- he was mourning "all those poor dead boys" who'd served & died without ANY recognition.
    For decades he'd endured constant taunts of "embellishing his war stories" -- based solely on the ignorant belief that "heroes get medals for that kind of stuff".

    TRUE STORIES such as these must NOT be allowed to vanish! If allowed to, the New History Revisionists will erase them completely.

    I hope you -- & all of your followers -- will stay on top of this ... & consistently remind everyone (especially those too young to know any better), that --

    And thanks again Zach, for providing a dependable forum for All Truthseekers.