Monday, October 24, 2016

21 33 39 42 66 | SNF, October 23, 2016, the 21st tie game since 1974 (First for Seahawks)

Right away, this is what I notice.  It has been 44-years since the last time they did it, against another team with a 'bird' name.  The only other is the Atlanta Falcons.  Also, the prior time it happened, was 46-years ago, against the Chiefs.  Perhaps there is a subtle reference to "feathers in the cap" if you know what I'm saying.

This game was played the night after the Cubs clinched a World Series birth, against the Indians.  Think about Indian and Chiefs.  '46' is the number on the World Series with the Cubs.  Also, with regards to it being the Chicago Cubs, the Cardinals were once the Chicago Cardinals.

This is going to be the 112th World Series, and the reason I bring up Houston, is because the original Kansas City Chiefs team, were the Dallas Texans.  This day, it is the Houston Texans.

Perhaps I'm overthinking, but I really think something is here.

 Now onto the game results and the World Series connection.

On SNF, it is all about '39'.  This game ended in a tie, with two field goals that were wide to the left.  The first of the 'wide left' misses, hit off the left goalpost.

As for 'goalpost', remember, the Cardinals play on the 33rd parallel in Glendale.

'33' was a number to look for on '10/23'.

10/23 = 10+23 = 33

The phrase 'tie game' has gematria of '33' as well.

Also, recall how 'thirty-three' connects to '66'.

From yesterday's 6-6 tie, to the upcoming Super Bowl, is 105-days.  Remember, the first Super Bowl season, was at the end of '66.

Remember, Revelation is the 66th book of the Bible, and is based on the 39-Books of the OT.

Notice the passing stats.

Wilson has 24-completion.  Seahawks = 24/33/42/51

Palmer was 29/49.  Palmer = 29; Football = 29; Revelation = 49 (10+23+16 = 49)

Notice the rushing stats....

Prophecy = 52 (Revelation, book of prophecy)

David Johnson, with 33 carries and 113 yards.

The leading Arizona receiver with 84 yards?

Arizona = 84; United States of America = 84

This was the 21st game to finish in a tie since 1974.  It was the first tie the Seahawks have been involved in.  Keep in mind, 1974 was the year the Seahawks were established.

Twenty-One = 42 (10/23/2016 = 10+23+(2+0+1+6) = 42) (Seahawks = 42)
Washington, 42nd State

The names of both kickers stand out as well.

74, it often goes with '33'.

Steven plays for the Seahawks, from Washington State.  Washington = 49; 10/23/16 = 49

CLOSING THOUGHT:  Remember that the Cardinals are originally from Chicago, where the Cubs just broke the 'curse'.  Also, the Cubs World Series riddle is connected through Miami.  The first professional football Seahawks team, was in Miami, Florida.

World Series = 57/66/75; NFL = 66 (Jewish Gematria)


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  2. Zach, during the post game on SNF they said it was the first tie where neither team scored a touchdown since 1972, when the Cardinals tied the Eagles 6-6. This points us back to Philadelphia, who won by the numbers of Revelation 10-21 (121) over the Vikes, 106 days before the Super Bowl. That game was 11/5/72. Also 11/5 is Odell Beckham's birthday

  3. Wouldn't this be likened to "A Beautiful Mind" type codes & decoding?

    1. What does that mean? I know it's a movie made by the Zionist Jews who own the minds of most of you worthless fucking faggots. Are you a worthless fucking faggot?

  4. Hey Zack do you think when they get the ball to hit the goalpoast it is part of magnetics or skill by the kicker?

    1. Skill for sure. This is their job. When I was a kid I could throw a baseball threw a tin can 90 out of 100 times from the pitching mound to the plate. I was a machine.

    2. Hence only about 40 guys can really do it consistently, and you find a guy who can drill the post or miss close on command, that guy plays for 20 damn years.

      I knew a kid in highschool who was a soccer stud. He could hit any specific spot you wanted on a goal post for 40 yards out without really sweating.

  5. Last tie from SNF TIE was 2 years 11 days or 106 weeks. Those two teams named Cincinatti and Carolina for the CC33. Total points were 74, Arizona kicker wears #7, and Seattle kicker #4.

  6. Haushka must not be as good with hitting the post as Catanzaro, because he completely shanked that shit to the left right of his foot. It was so obvious from the replay; HOA whole body was angled to the left. Pathetic bullshit.

  7. Cardinals 3-3-1 like 331st day of this year is 11/26. The beginning of WW3 speculated by few. Also doing the same method 411 days from the new leap year is February 14th Valentine's of the next year or 1month 14 days into the new year. Difference of 366 and 411 is 45 . 45th day is 2/14. From 11/26 to 2/14 is 11 weeks 4 days.. Probably nothing special but I see alot of Valentine's day predictive programming. Also the walking dead episode coinciding with this game had some parallels I'm still working on