Saturday, October 15, 2016

33 34 | Indians lead ALCS 2-0, October 14-15, 2016 (Game 1 and Game 2, exactly 2:44 in length)

Notice the 33 at bats by the losing Blue Jays on the date with '33' numerology in 'Cleveland'.

10/14/2016 = 10+14+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (Cleveland = 33) (Indian = 33)

Game 1 was won by 'Cleveland' on a date with '33' numerology.

10/14/2016 = 10+14+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (Cleveland = 33) (Indian = 33)

Game 2 was also won on an appropriate date.

10/15/2016 = 10+15+(2+0+1+6) = 34 (Indians = 34)

Both games were exactly 2 hours and 44 minutes, or 164 minutes.

Game 2:

Game 1:


  1. On July 16th this year the indians "sacrificed" a chicken for a player named "Yan Gomes"=99 to get him out of his slump. they said they sacrificed it to "Jobu" = 48 which is from major league. The same day july 16th is the day Nate Thurmond (played for warriors and cavs etc) died. the very next day yan gomes was "injured" and didn't come back. Also weird the Indians team doctor is named Dr. Schickendanz (like chicken dance lol).

    this is just another part of the whole fake injury narrative that has been all over the cleveland indians this year, from salazaar, to carassco, yan gomes etc...yan wasn't supposed to be able to bat but came back in the last series of the regular season against the Royals and hit a home run on the first pitch he saw.

    July 16th is normally the 197th day of the year the 45th prime like the indians winning the 45th world series and the cubs last series in 1945. "Gomes" = 59. Some other interesting stuff Yan Gomes was also drafted into the MLB by the Toronto Blue Jays the same year that Colin Kaepernick was drafted by the Chicago Cubs as a pitcher. Haven't looked into a bunch of the gematria behind this but the symbolism has been there all year.

    Some other stuff I just noticed. Not only did they stay on 53 wins but the Twins got their 33rd win and stayed on their 57th loss...the game was lost by Gomes on an error in the 11th. The score was 5-4 just like the score of the first game of the CLE BOS playoff series. The Pitcher that came in to win for the Twins was "Trevor May" = 47 like Ohio and 137 lol. He was even born on 9/23.

    Also a Dodgers connection, the third base coach in Major League "Duke Temple" is played by Steve Yeagar who was a catcher (like Gomes) for the Dodgers when he won World Series MVP in 1981 playing against the Yankees who were coached by "Bob Lemon" = 33 who was a huge star with the Indians and won the world series with them in 48.

  2. Terry Francona won the College World Series in 1980 with Arizona and was MVP, game was played June 6 or 6/6 this was 36 years ago. 6x6=36 Francona=36, he was born in Aberdeen=36, South Dakota=36, Joe Maddon=36 every number 1-36 summed = 666. The team Arizona beat was Hawaii=33. This connects to the 2016 College World Series where Arizona lost to Coastal Carolina (CC) which brought the big south its first sports championship in 33 years. The coastal Carolina hat/jersey has the exact same Block C letter as the Cleveland Indians except it is blue instead of Red. "Coastal Carolina Chanticleers"=108 like how long its been since the Cubs won the World Series.

    Here it really gets interesting. Francona's Coach in 1980, Jerry Kindall, played both for the Cubs and the Indians. The College World Series is played in TD Ameritrade Stadium in Omaha. The Founder of TD Ameritrade owns the Chicago Cubs. The team that plays in that stadium normally is the Creighton University Blue Jays. "Crieghton University" = 108 is a Jesuit School and the family that owns TD Ameritrade and the Cubs are Roman Catholic. The Coach of the Crieghton Blue Jays was also the GM of the Cubs during the Steve Bartman Incident. The Blue Jays connection here is in a previous comment I made about Yan Gomes, the chicken sacrifice (the Chanticleers mascot is a chicken/rooster), and the fake injury narratives being played out in the MLB.

    Also their 93 World series win, this season they had 93 wins, in 93 they scored 45 (indians won 45th world series) runs to the phillies 36, which all goes back to terry francona and in 1993 he was coaching #23 michael jordan in baseball. 1993 was 23 years ago. Also a connection to the NBA finals Since Lebron is essentially the new '23' and they won game 7 93-89, the 1993 world series was the 89th one. The warriors are originally from Philly and in 93 the Jays played the Phillies. The world series was also won by a walk off homerun, the Blue Jays 33rd at bat of the game, from Joe Carter who started in the MLB with the Cubs and then went to the Indians. The pitcher he hit it off of was named Mitch Williams and his nickname was "Wild Thing" like the character from Major League. Also reminds me of Anderson Varejao who was nicknamed "Wild Thing" who played for the Cavs and was then traded to the Warriors and did not get a ring. Wild Thing = 52 and 106 like Prophecy." Anderson Varejao"= 63, 1-63 summed =2016, and 162 like Major League Baseball. "Mitch Williams" = 151, the 36th Prime, and 61, the 18th prime, Varejao wears the number 18 for the warriors. Mitch Williams was also born in 11/17 the 322nd day of the year in leap years. When Mitch Willams came out to pitch they would play the song "Wild Thing" by The Troggs. "The Troggs" = 47 like Ohio and 119 the sum of 119's divisors = 144. The song was released on April 22nd, Terry Francona's birthday. Days From and including: Sunday, June 19, 2016 (Game 7 NBA Finals) To and including: Wednesday, November 2, 2016(Potential Game 7 World Series) Result: 137 days, the 33rd prime.