Saturday, October 15, 2016

45 50 87 88 144 | Donald Trump at Wrestlemania IV (4), March 27, 1988 +Hulk Hogan's Donald Trump related speech

Checkout this promotion for Hulk Hogan, just before Wrestlemania IV (4), March 27, 1988.

An emphasis is on Donald Trump, and the destruction of the eastern seaboard.

Trump = 20+18+21+13+16 = 88

'Wrestlemania' also connects to 'America' and 'Donald'.

Checkout the date of Wrestlemania IV (4).

Notice the date it took place, March 27.  That is the 86th day of the year, and the 87th in leap years.

3/27/1988 = 3+27+19+88 = 137 (Washington D.C. = 137) (137, 33rd prime)
3/27/1988 = 3+27+(1+9+8+8) = 56 (President = 47/56/110)
3/27/1988 = 3+2+7+1+9+8+8 = 38 (Death)
3/27/88 = 3+27+88 = 118 (Election, November 8, or 11/8)

With regards to 1988 being a leap year, it was the 87th day.

Wrestlemania V (5) was hosted by Donald Trump, the following year.

Notice the date of Wrestlemania V.  A '33' date.

4/2/1989 = 4+2+19+89 = 114
4/2/1989 = 4+2+1+9+8+9 = 33
4/2/89 = 4+2+89 = 95

Trump Plaza was a fitting location, if this truly does connect to the 45th Presidential race.


  1. 1988 was the year all major news outlets in American started to identify Democrat states as Blue and Republican states as Red like we do now in 2016. Prior to that they would switch back and fourth and even had Yellow as a color as well.

    What is interesting about the 88 in 1988 is that if you mix the colors Red and Blue together it creates Purple. Well, Purple in English Ordinal sums to 88

    1. Red and blue pills flIckering and flashing on a green screen

    2. 3d glasses
      one side blue, the other red

    3. The red and blue remind me of the Seasons, Red being Summer and Blue being Winter. The cycles of the seasons. This is why I believe Jesus is nothing more than an metaphorical character of nature, a retailing of natures cycles and circles.

      In the famous painting the "last supper" Jesus is symbolized as the 1 or the 7 or the 13. He has 6 people on each side of him (12 months in a year, 6 months winter 6 months summer). I like to write it as 676 or 1+12 = 13 or 12+1 = 13.

      And in that painting he is wearing Red and Blue that cross each other (purple, the complete or wholeness of an entire cycle of a season, summer/winter)

      Green would be Spring and Orange would be fall

      Every year nature dies in the winter time and then is resurrected again in Spring, the Summer time. Cycles and circles.

      The Red is the fire, the Man, the Sun, and Blue is the ice, the Women, the Moon.

  2. Red and Blue is Purple = 88
    Red and Yellow is Orange = 33
    Yellow and Blue is Green = 137(33rd prime)
    Two 33's put together looks like an 88

    1. Primary Colors=182=The Divine Triangle, Sychcronicity, Light of the World

  3. Even more Truth 72 73 John Havlicek Kevin love shoulder injury the year before the year of the six which they were supposedly a sure bet before he went down