Saturday, October 22, 2016

33 42 181 | Emmett Till Memorial shot more than 40 times in Sumner, Mississippi, October 22, 2016 news (33rd Parallel North)

Pi = 3.14 (This is another cycle of propaganda by the numbers)

Shooting = 107; Military = 107

This story comes out of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.

The name 'Tallahatchie' has a connection to 'Chicago', where Emmett Till was born, at least supposedly.

As we know, the Zionist Jews who control the media and the propaganda that comes with it, they operate heavily out of Chicago.  Remember, the Zionists go by the 39 Books in the Old Testament.

Empire = 39
America = 129 (Jewish Gematria)

His date of birth has familiar numbers.

7/25/1941 = 7+2+5+1+9+4+1 = 29
7/25/1941 = 7+25+(1+9+4+1) = 47 (Obey) (Authority)
7/25/1941 = 7+25+19+41 = 92
7/25/41 = 7+25+41 = 73 (Sacrifice = 19+1+3+18+9+6+9+3+5 = 73)
The date he died, August 28, 1955, has a connection to 'death'. It is also the same month as Michael Brown's death, in the same state. That also happens to be the 44th President's birthday month.

8/28/1955 = 8+2+8+1+9+5+5 = 38 (Death = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38)8/25/1955 = 8+28+(1+9+5+5) = 56
8/25/1955 = 8+28+19+55 = 110 (Number connected to tragedy)
8/25/55 = 8+25+55 = 88 (Poison, Program)

They say Emmett Till was 'whistling' at a white woman.

Whistling = 49/58
Mississippi = 58/94

More than 40 bullet holes?  At least they didn't report '42' or '44'.

With regards to him dying at age 14, remember:  Dead = 14; End = 14

And with regards to him dying in 1955....

1955 = 19+55 = 74 (White Supremacist = 74) (Masonic) (Jewish)
Satan = 55; Sacrifice = 55

Speaking of '42', notice the name mentioned as for who made the discovery about the memorial being shot.

'42', the number stamped all over black americans and black people worldwide.

February = 42; Brothers = 42; Boy = 42; Nigger = 42; Kaffir = 33/42

Let us not forget, the 'New World Order', is a Jewish World Order.

And last point, the memorial for Emmett Till is on the 33rd parallel north and 90th meridian west.


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  2. Had always accepted this story as fact until a few years ago, when I heard his mother saying how well she remembered seeing his body for the first time -- & how she could see "clear through his head -- right through the bullet holes to the other side ...".

    That's just not possible. You'd literally have to suck the contents of the skull dry first.

    Then I remembered knowing a family -- many years ago -- who were originally from Miss. & claimed to be related to him. They'd moved clear across the country -- a few years after the Till incident -- to "get away from all that". They seemed to be telling the truth about their connection to the STORY (& never once mentioned anyone being able to "see right through his head").

    Searching the net to see what had become of these "relatives of Till", I was stunned to find that -- as the older ones were dying off -- every single one was buried in a Masonic Cemetery ... with full Masonic rites.

    The men were Prince Hall Freemasons & the women were members of the Eastern Star ... & every single one were of the highest rank.
    I was completely shocked. Having known all of them VERY well for many years ... not ONCE was there EVER the slightest hint that ANY of them were involved in Masonry.

    I thought I'd known everything about this family ... but not once in all those years was there ever any reference whatsoever to their Masonic ties. They were poor (lived in the projects) & never APPEARED to belong to ANY club or organization ... except for some being avid "church-goers" -- which I now see made for a good "cover".

    Like I said, few things have shocked me as much as this revelation. At times I'd practically lived with them, yet never saw or heard a single thing that would've connected them to Masonry.
    The generation I hung out with got in trouble with the law -- a lot -- but always managed to wriggle out of their bind on "technicalities". Until my discovery, I'd always considered them to be the luckiest sons-of-bitches in the world ... which also made them extremely dangerous, & eventually led me to cut all ties with them.

    It took many years before I was finally able to (inadvertently) piece this truth together -- which shows how committed some families can be about not revealing these affiliations to "outsiders". Interestingly, the grandkids of these "elders" appear to be doing pretty well. An inordinate number of them have become lawyers & business leaders all across the country. Which makes me now see Till's "death" in MONEY, Mississippi ... in a whole new light.

    We hear: "Nothing is as it seems" ... all the time. What's hardest to wrap the mind around is that this doesn't just apply to corruption & scandals, etc. Sometimes it also applies to our close relationships ... creating invisible walls we don't suspect -- & deep divisions we're completely unaware of.

    It's important to remember that these veils of secrecy are inculcated from early childhood, & -- however it's done -- it is VERY effective.
    The truth eventually does seep out -- although it may take many years. However, in order to understand this truth that's finally being revealed, you first have to learn how to recognize what you're seeing.
    And yes -- after applying Gematria to this family -- I found that everything about them was heavily coded. Whether they understood that -- or not -- is anybody's guess.

    1. Very interesting, thank you for sharing this.