Saturday, October 22, 2016

48 84 | Trump Jr. says groping women as a celebrity is 'a fact of life', October 22, 2016 headlines

Notice the emphasized phrase.

Remember, Donald Trump began his campaign in the 48th State, Arizona.

Propaganda = 48; Hoax = 48; Evil = 48; Illuminati = 48

Today's date connects to the story.

10/22/16 = 10+22+16 = 48

Pig father, pig son, rigged election, puppet candidate.


  1. Zach, remember my prediction of the Queen dying on 10/23 possibly? Netflix is coming out with a new show that is to debut on 11/4, called 'The Crown', supposed to be about a young Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 and her personal relationships and drama. Will she even be alive when this show debuts? After all, her birthday was the 112th day of the year those year, like the 112th WS and was certainly a day marked by death and 'purple' (88 connections are abound, lately). It might not be 10/23 specifically, but I don't think she'll live past this year's World Series. After all, the royals already won...

    1. Very good work, and Charles was connected to the World Series last year.

  2. They try to play him off as some sort of insatiable sex fiend, but the more I look at Donald Trump, the more he resembles Rosie O'Donnell in a Oompa Loma costume. It's ridiculous.

    More PSA warning stories using him and Bill Cosby to teach the kids lessons.

    Hello boys and girls, today on Tabloid Street the word of the day is "grope." Now, who wants to make a meme?