Saturday, October 8, 2016

33 54 58 67 135 144 | Palm Springs, California police officer shooting hoax, October 8, 2016 +Blue Lives Matter Agenda

This is Blue Lives Matter propaganda for the ongoing agenda of militarizing police.  That is why they are reporting two killed.

Blue = 2+3+3+5 = 13
Lives = 3+9+4+5+1/10 = 22/31 
Matter = 4+1+2+2+5+9 = 23
Blue Lives Matter = 58/67
5/26/2016 = 5+26+20+16 = 67

The date the Blue Lives Matter was first signed by a State Governor, was May 26, 2016, the 147th day of the year, and not by coincidence.

Here is why 'Palm Springs' is the target today.  Simply put, there number was up.

Today is October 8, 2016.

10/8/2016 = 10+8+20+16 = 54

Palm Spring also has gematria related to killing.

Recall, '44' has the connection to '144'.  Even the date that is written 4/4 connects.

'44' is the 'kill' number.

Palm Springs, California also has the gematria of the 'prophecy' code, which the madmen who govern with propaganda by the numbers, the Freemasons, the Zionists, go by.

Palm Springs, is also on the 33rd parallel north.

Let us checkout the very Masonic Police Chief doing the reporting as well...

Notice CNN made their video 58-seconds long.

Checkout the names of the officers.

Jose = 1+6+1+5 = 13/22
Gilbert = 7+9+3+2+5+9+2 = 37
Vega = 4+5+7+1 = 17
Jose Gilbert Vega = 67/76 (Blood Sacrifice = 67/76) (Blue Lives Matter = 58/67)

Lesley = 3+5+1+3+5+7 = 24/33 (Police)
Zerebny = 8+5+9+5+2+5+7 = 41
Lesley Zerebny = 65/74 (Masonic = 74) (Killing = 74)

Checkout the name 'Georgie Eden'.

The streets also standout.  It has the '33'.

Notice Del Lago Road connects to the witness.

I find the '94' interesting, because it is the big number for the baseball season this year in regards to the Cubs.  Of course, this year's 2016 season began on the 94th day of the year, April 3, 2016.

Baseball = 54; Palm Springs = 54; 10/8/2016 = 54

Also, a guy guns down three officers and they haven't found him by the time it becomes a national news story?  That is when you know it is a hoax definitively.

Also, the shooting is seemingly synched up with the Mayor of Palm Springs, Robert Moon, and the signing date of the Blue Lives Matter bill.

Notice the gematria of his name.  From May 26, 2016, the Blue Lives Matter signing, until today, is 135-days.  This is the number connected to 'The Key of David', the tool in bringing about prophecy.


  1. White dude in the hoodie " F her right in the Pu**y"

    Trump " grab her Pu**y"

    Both love camera time, the Ohio man same state Cavs and the RNC.
    Guy looks like a hacker , deplorable , former postal worker fired under Obama regime.

    They plan this shit years in advance folks

  2. Who wins the ufc title fight tonight? Bisping or Henderson?

  3. Mayor of Palm Springs is:

    Robert Moon 54

  4. Media reporting these palm spring officers first to die in line of duty in 54 years

  5. Please google trump king Cyrus.
    In the powerful evangelical religious right, leader prophesied trump as biblical king Cyrus (was pagan king who helped Jews in OT)

  6. Robert is an interesting name.
    Lots of robbery in the nooz lately with the Kim K jewelry heist.
    Rob EaRTh Moon

  7. Weird shit time. In the realm of random ass shit tying together, my six year old likes this Disney made for TV DVD that we have called

    Good Luck Charlie: Its Christmas. It is your typical "Oh God Don't Make Me Watch This" Family entertainment from Disney TV that hopefully you have all grown to hate, but the young ones love it. Anyhow, I was thinking it was strange because of the opening sequence.

    The story is they are traveling from Denver to Palm Springs for Christmas. The opening map clearly shows their path traveling thru key terror points that we have seen over the past 5 years. It has Aurora and San Bernardino, as well as ending up in Palm Springs.

    The Movie debuted on 12-2-2011.
    12-2-2011 was exactly 33 weeks before the Aurora Shooting.
    12-2-2011 was exactly 4 years to the day before San Bernardino.
    San Bernardino was exactly 10 months and 6 days from Palm Springs.
    I put the link to that opening above, try not to rip your ears off, but I am sure I missed some other things.


  9. Keep up the drunken babbling, America. When your hangover arrives, your new master may be speaking Chinese, Russian, or Arabic - take your choice!