Saturday, October 8, 2016

42 | Washington blowing out Oregon in Oregon, 35-7, halftime, October 8, 2016

Halftime = 74; Oregon = 74

Washington is the 42nd State, and Washington leads with a combined 42-points at the half.

My buddy, who has Ducks tickets, called this game very well.  He expected Oregon to get waxed "by the numbers".  Two years ago, my buddy thought I was wrong about sports being rigged by the code, but now he is all over it!

Notice the 'Twenty-One' nothing in the first quarter a well.

Twenty-One = 42 (Washington is 42nd State) (Washington was created from Oregon territory)


  1. Yea my peers played ducks today an boy are they pissed.. Lol

  2. I get a trill proving them wrong thanks again truth seeker

  3. Who wins the ufc title fight tonight? Bisping or Henderson

  4. Check this out. Rutgers 2 first downs and 35 total yards. FOR THE WHOLE GAME... LOL

  5. Never u!nderestimte the becoding and mockery.
    Oregon ends with 21. Jackpot!
    Triple 7's, 7+7+7: Winner!

    The Vegas crew won BIG. It in our face.