Sunday, October 16, 2016

38 54 74 99 112 | Truck plunges into San Diego Park, October 15, 2016 +112th World Series riddle?

For starters, there's a relationship between 'truck' and 'park'.

Nineteen has gematria connecting to '86', the symbol number.

Down below, I expose why this seems to be connected to the World Series, and specifically, the NLCS, between the Dodgers and the Cubs.

Around 3:30?  Police = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33

The name of the park has gematria connecting to baseball and the Chicago Cubs.  This wreck happened the same day as Game 1 of the NLCS, between the Cubs and Dodgers.  San Diego isn't too far from Los Angeles.

Illinois = 99; Baseball = 54 (Winning home run hit by #47, 99-days after birthday)

As for San Diego, it has that '74' gematria.

San Diego also has gematria connecting to 'death'.

Last year a story on I-5, in Los Angeles, gave away the clue for the Super Bowl and the Broncos winning.  Of course Denver is the 38th State and Colorado sums to '38'.  Anyhow, this story could be a very similar riddle, for this current World Series.

Notice that this event was called the 'La Raza Run', summing to '112', like this being the '112th World Series'.


  1. In a city of over a million people and over 300 square miles and automobile deaths nationwide averaging at least 30k deaths a year. What are the odds? The idea of an accident occurring in a major city seems so implausible.

    1. "San Diego isn't too far from Los Angeles."

      120 miles or 2 hrs away is not my idea of close. If the Padres were playing it would have more relevance. Otherwise you are spouting arbitrary bullshit. News flash! Bad things happen all the time. Not every incident has meaning.

    2. I guess you missed how I picked the Broncos to win the Super Bowl in October of last year.

    3. Zach, I still say look out for the Chargers!!

    4. Or how you predicted at the beginning of last season (April 2015) that the Mets would win the World Series. It's impressive that you even predicted that they'd be in the World Series. However you didn't merely predict them being in it, but winning it. You predicted one thing and another thing happened. Someone would have a gambling debt if they followed you.

  2. The La Raza Run begins in LA, and ends in San Diego, which are 111.6 miles apart, 120 by car.

    Driver was a Navy Man named

    Richard Anthony Sepolio=249, 1108

  3. Maybe the 4 deaths symbolizes 4 dodgers losses in a best of 7 series